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Laptop Theft - the utter brassneck of the MoD


Lantern Swinger
Seaking93 said:
My youngest, has now received 3 identical letters this week on this matter from MOD, what is going on?

Im glad im not the only one reciving identical letters.
I still havent figured out why they sent one to some dude ive never heard of beofre lol


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got mine this week, and I joined in 1992!

edited to ask....anyone care to black-cat that b'stard !


War Hero
Some of the lads I know have received the same letters and so has someone I know on another forum.

What crosses my mind is this...

1. The letter seems to ask for more info to confirm your ID before they'll answer any questions.

Hmmm...let me think about that for a minute.

2. So, the laptop with the personal data and addresses has been stolen. Call me cynical but where did the sender of the letter get the address from? Huh? From some database on a laptop maybe...

Answers to both points one and two are...

Possible Phishing.

If I were to receive the letter (which I'm fairly certain I won't) I would shove it in a drawer and forget about it. If the MOD want something from me they can pay a visit...they know where I work and where I live evidently.

As has already been mentioned...there are some grammatical/punctuation errors in these letters....something ain't right. :tp:


Re: mod said sorry!

Ditts, so did my welbeck-crab little brother

They also kept the army's details seperate!

Bit annoying when im back from my RNAC


Re: mod said sorry!

dont worry your not the only one but i didnt even get a letter i had to call the mod my selfto find out so im havin tochange my passport jus to be safe im jus thankful my bank details aint on there


War Hero
Re: mod said sorry!

Same i never got a letter either so sad

millwall_star said:
dont worry your not the only one but i didnt even get a letter i had to call the mod my selfto find out so im havin tochange my passport jus to be safe im jus thankful my bank details aint on there


Re: mod said sorry!

i got a letter, des brown is personally addressing the issue!!!! must be serious...


Lantern Swinger
got mine last week, sent to the old dears house. load of ballocks really, what further information would I need to discuss with them?

And why the feck would I disclose the "missing" bits of personal info as listed, as proof of my Identity

Deleted 493

Precisely on all counts, chaps. If it is the government wanting information, why send a letter to the victims? They must have copies of the data lost ... surely? I'm absolutely astounded at the sheer neckyness of the MoD on all aspects of this. It shows the distatseful corporate image of Whitehall et al. I don't hear too much coming from our lords and masters either ... and Navy News, that paragon of invective and critical thought, is strangely quiet on an issue which I would have though would have at least involved a whole page spread telling victims what to do and what the implications are. Surely with them being in 2SLs pocket, you'd imagine at least some obfuscation or spin on it. But nothing.

For the MoD to firstly lose your identity and then ask you to prove who you are seems to be skipping by everyone's sector here. It's like stealing someone's house keys and charging them a fee for their return. All concerned need to hang their heads in shame and come out from under the blanket, and at least stop fecking everyone about.

Re: mod said sorry!

Got the bleeding letter. Why did one man have so many peoples details. I signed up miles from Birmingham.


Lantern Swinger
Re: mod said sorry!

Is it a good idea to change passport then?
I have now had 2 letters saying the same thing, so someone else has now ****ed up and they can't even send the letters out properly.


War Hero
Re: mod said sorry!

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(Unable to merge topics in dissimilar Forums otherwise).


Lantern Swinger
I put my application through from Guernsey and they lost my details too. Are many people changing their passport? I'm not sure if i should or not?


Lantern Swinger
natg said:
I put my application through from Guernsey and they lost my details too. Are many people changing their passport? I'm not sure if i should or not?

If it were me I would, and I'd make the MOD foot the bill for it too. Also I'd change my bank account No as well - again charging the MOD for my time, parking and fuel used too!

It does seem rich that you have to give over your details to "discuss it further" as a few of you have said - Whatever has happened to the GUy who lost the laptop? Has he been promoted yet?


Like so many of you, i have just got my letter.
It was sent to a house i lived i 5 year ago and i have moved twice since.
The best thing about it is i live in married quarters, at least i am happy knowign someone has details about me that are all wrong.


War Hero

I'm going to go through the Unit Security Officer where I'm based but I'm on a course until next week so it's going to have to wait until then but I suggest you go through your nearest USO also. I'm also going to investigate legal options as well as I joined up through AFCO Belfast as I'm Southern Irish.
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