Laptop Theft - the utter brassneck of the MoD


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Have no idea if i was on this laptop, but like others have mentioned, it may not get to me due to me moving about a lot.
Supposed to be 600K peoples details so that must include everyone who joined or asked to join in the last 20 years or so. This is probably bigger than those faceless idiots are willing to admit.
Will let you know if i get a letter through


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Seaking93 said:
My youngest, has now received 3 identical letters this week on this matter from MOD, what is going on?

Excessive risk aversion probably. It's better to tell people that their details have been compromised, even if they haven't been, than to risk telling someone their details haven't been compromised and later find out they have been.

In the former case the warning should prompt people to keep a closer eye on things, even if there is no personal risk to the individual.
My sons friend has just received a letter ref her details being lost.
My son has his AIB this week but so far hasnt had any notification his details have being lost,YET.


mod said sorry!

i just wanted to say that when you hear stuff on the news about missing laptops with mod recruit documents it really makes you think "what are they playing at?" i didn't realise that i was amongst the people who'd files had been nicked along with the laptop until yesterday. i got a letter of apology through the door saying that i was one of the people who's personal information had been on the laptop and it had been stolen on january9/10. ok so it wasnt my bank details but it was other stuff like my home address,birth cert.numbers , passport numbers ect. and some other personal info. my only question to this is " what the f**k was is doing on a laptop in the first place and not on a mainframe computer?" :rambo: i know they said sorry but anything could have been on that.& i know the laptop was stolen but ffs its common sense!
all i can say is i hope they can sort out their security with other peoples info and if theres anyone else out there who got their details pinched i know how it feels. :threaten: :rambo: GGGRRR!


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Seaking93 said:
My youngest, has now received 3 identical letters this week on this matter from MOD, what is going on?

Im glad im not the only one reciving identical letters.
I still havent figured out why they sent one to some dude ive never heard of beofre lol