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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by MaiBelle, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. So I need to buy a laptop, but haven't got a clue what to get.

    Does anyone have any suggestions at to which makes are good/bad, which are reliable, what's a reasonable amount of memory for everyday computing/browsing? I've never used a Mac so best I avoid those. It does need to have a disk drive, which is where my current netbook falls down.

    Any help appreciated thanks :)
  2. I have one of the cheapish HP's (the ones that are always on offer at currys) and I would highly recommend them! I am not too clued up on all the technical jargon and that, but from my experience they are decent. I have had mine for 3 years and *touch wood* it still works amazingly. I used it daily and in the last year of uni more or less constantly for a few months and thankfully had no issues, it ran like a dream and never lost any of my files. I have so many photos, documents and songs saved and the memory still isn't near full, and it seems pretty robust too. Mine has been dropped, sat on, spilt on, bashed about in my bag on the train, over-used and it's still alright. They are pleasant to use as well, speakers are fairly good and the screen clarity is good if you want to watch films and that on it.
  3. don't buy a Packard Bell
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  4. Toshiba are good. Anything with an icore 5 or upwards would be good.

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  5. Maibelle, netbooks are great from a size and portability point of view. Also, it is easy and cheap to get an extrenal CD/DVD drive for loading programs etc as and when needed.

    Just my 2p!
  6. Sam the Sung

    Everything in my house is Samsung (Big TV/ Blu-Ray/Tablets/PC's/Laptops/Notebooks.)

    The nice thing about that is that they can all talk to each other once they're all set to work and I can stream whatever I want from one to the other and back again. (Whatever movies are on the hard-drive of Laptop in the living room can be streamed to any of the other TV's via Samsung AllShare - which is excellent for movies and music). This bit of kit is my dogs-danglers:-

    Samsung NP550P5C 15.6-inch HD (1366 x 768) LED Series 5 Notebook - TECH SPECS

    *Note* ALWAYS make a copy of the partitioned Recovery Disk and stow it somewhere safe!
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  7. Laptops are old school!!! Apple iPads are what the IT geeks my son told me:grin: glad he bought me one:clap:
  8. Must be noisy in your bunk space Billy, all the techno chat going on !
  9. The noisiest thing in my abode is the 17 yr old Grandson when he's online playing FIFA 13. And I thought an ex-submariner could litter the atmosphere with tirades of Anglo Saxon expletives.

    I have to yell up his room from outside in the garden....


    I don't these days eh?
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  10. And remember where safe is :oops:
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  11. You know after 2 days of fighting with windows 8 on a loan machine while mine's in for (another) repair thats not a bad idea....assuming they actually repair it this time.

    Why oh why do they have to keep changing the operating systems? And why remove the start menu? It didnt take up much space and i always knew where to find a calculator and solitaire (yes yes...i know)...

    I'll have a look at all the suggestions when I pick mine up but I now hope more than ever that they fix it.

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  12. Laptops rule Okay!

    If you're still in a quandary as to what bit of kit to go for - may I suggest this?


    Yes, I know it's a laptop and it seems that they're old school nowadays, but have a think about it.

    $1 million laptop by Luvaglio

    Yours helpfully,


    X X X
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  13. Wow! Is that actually carved from wood?! It looks like the Morgan of laptops.

    If I had a million pounds to splash out on something...I'd be buying a


    before I splashed out on anything electrical :)
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  14. Don't disregard mac's, I have a macbook pro and it's superb, the only down sides to it are
    1. price
    2. the average 16 year old can't repair it
    3. lack of pirated software
    You can buy from Apples refurbished store at around £250 off most models

    Be careful of cheap ones on amazon, they usually come from the USA and therefore have vat and import duty to add to the price. Also US plugs etc etc
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  15. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I was going to suggest a mac too. I bought a macbook pro three years ago and have never looked back. When the home pc died I persuaded the family (mostly my wife) an imac would be better. 4 months on I don't think they've noticed a difference apart from reliability. Office for mac means that even all their old doc/presentations work seamlessy.

    There isn't a lack of software, most programmes have a mac copy or a quick search will find a mac alternative. Games are the big exception.

    One thing most people fail to point out Macs tend to run Windows better than PCs too. Its really easy to install windows as well as OSX using bootcamp an in built utility.

    So I'd not dismiss a mac entirely.
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  16. Recently had to buy a new Lap top, always an Acer fan. Ended up with a Toshiba, not bad. However being a dyed in the wool XP fan, I'm not at all happy with Windows 7. Anyway around about the same time I bought an Ipad4 Retina. My first foray into Apple of any kind. Had I been aware of the Ipads capability and safety features I would not have bought the Lap top.
    My next desk top will be an Apple (I've already started saving)
  17. I would suggest Mac. Windows is the biggest load of crap ever and my mind truly boggles at how Microsoft is still operating as a company churning out that shit for as long as it has. Also you can get all the pirate software you need if you look in the right places (or so I am told any way cough)
    But if the price puts you off don't buy a HP so many people myself included have had problems with them overheating.
  18. Mac - way to go.

    Have 3 in the house and integration with everything is just so simple. Enter data on one and it appears on the other. My wife still thinks it's voodoo!!
  19. Fixed that for you! :grin:

    I always think it depends on what you want to do with the thing! Macs are brill at graphics and music however industry standard is PC so if you want to do a little of everything then PC is probably your best bet. If you are into games or anything that is heavy on the graphics then decent graphics capability is a must and if you are burning discs off onto CD or want to watch dvds / video then a decent amount of memory is required. Most manufacturers flog machines based on their intended use i.e. games / general etc.

    I personally wouldn't entertain Windows 7 or 8 as they really are crap! XP is still probably the most stable of the windows OP systems and even that has its moments! I think you can opt for XP as the OP system rather than going the Windows 8 route - or at least you could a while back when my mate bought one.

    Whatever you do get a decent virus checker .. AVG is free and I find it pretty good.

    Everyone has had issues with every make although I would agree Packard Bell are not particulary good! HP / Dell / Compaq / Toshiba / Samsung / Aser / Abus are all good ... at least I've not come across many problems with them.

    My advice would be to think what you need to do with the machine and write a list of what you want to do like Word Processing / Presentations / Spreadsheets / watch movies etc etc then go into Curry's and talk to the techies and ask them what is the machine best suited for that purpose (for Curry's read any computer shop - you'd probably get more sense in a dedicated computer shop rather than some spotty oik in Currys) and they should be able to give you a spec for the machine ... then work out how much you want to spend on it and match the ads up with the spec to you budget!

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