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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by howfen_lad, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. I have some money spare and i am considering buying a laptop for my bedroom ;P

    I have searched the internet and the search bar on here but i still can't put my hand on what i want.
    So a little info, i have no idea about laptops and what 'ram' and 'gigahertz' and all the other technical thingy's mean so any advice will be helpful.

    With a budget of 250-450 pounds what should i be looking at? The laptop will be used for solely browsing the internet, watching films and coming on RR and absolutely nothing to do with watching adult movies in the privacy of my loft. :glasses7:

    Thanks all.
  2. Avoid Dell.
  3. Ive got a HP never had a problem so far.
  4. Well, internet and films.
    You're not exactly going to be stretching the capabilities of a modern laptop.
    Anything you buy that's within your budget will do the job.
  5. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Horses for courses - Mac's are excellent but are expensive; toshiba's are excellent also but can be quite expensive.

    Sony aren't very good value for money [IMHO] - ACER have some excellent models and have a lot of nice features.

    Dell are fine, over the last 5 years [for work] I've bought 3-5000, no problems at all. Tesco are knocking out some on good deals at the minute.
  6. Thanks all, so really with my bugdet i can get what i want anyway so i should just shop around and find a good deal.

    Wave-dodger thanks for that, i will have a look on tesco website see whats happening, also 3-5000 laptops! what do you do dell boy, buy and sell um?

    That'll give me a start anyway sir's. cheers!!
  7. Lion's right. If you aint playing games or doing anything intensive then the cheapest laptop you can find will be right for you. Only thing to consider is average battery life and HD space.

    Dell's Laptop innards are virtually the same as most other makes bar sony. Just get one that looks pretty.

    If you need something more powerful then pm me. I build performance PC's and laptops (occasionally) myself and have done so for 18 years.
  8. Battery life and HD space, righto mate, i didn't realise the battery life could be so variable!! defo something to consider.Thanks Earlychop.
  9. Have you considered getting a tablet ? I have the xoom and im using it more and more instead of using my laptop.
  10. I haven't actually considerd anything other than a laptop mate, What are the advantages you find with a tablet daffy?
  11. The battery life on my xoom is 10hrs, you can leave it on standby and as you say if you are only going to use it to surf the web, watch movies etc an tablet can easily do that. Plus its good for train journeys, I even read books on mine.
  12. That's good info, I will look into those as well then. Cheers mucka.
  13. Cheers mate and I have just this instant been to the shop and bought 8 cans of fosters and a 'What Computer' mag!! I guess I'll have to read this mag, understand the jargon and just splash the cash for a reasonable piece of kit, im in need of viewing the lalalalalalalala thread in more private areas ;-)
  14. Heard good things about Acer.

    I use a Mac but if push come to shove it would be an Acer with Windoze 7!
  15. My 2p's worth; I've had 2 Samsungs both excellent...
  16. Waspie, Labrum, Thanks for your time.
  17. Or should that be, 'Does china not make everything'!!!
  18. You'll be telling us all carrots taste the same next... ;)
  19. Samsungs are my favourite brand of laptop. Have one currently among my other 7 computers and 2 macs.
  20. For the most part you are spot on.

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