Laptop Advice Please!

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Chat_Noir, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi folks

    I’m after a little bit of direction/ advice regarding buying a new laptop. In essence I’m after a machine, not a desk top replacement though, that has a relatively fast processor and a decent video card as I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to gaming. I have come up with these two possibilities:

    Acer Aspire 7720G 302G32Hi @ £698.97
    Dell XPS M1530 @ £729

    Anyone out there have either of these machines or know a better one in the same price range? Thanks in advance.
  2. DON'T get the Dell.

    Dell is made up largely with unnamed cheap bits made in china to the lowest spec available that will run.

    Also if you have, or should I say, when you have problem, they refuse to do anything about it unless you threaten court action, they don't even want to comply with the sale of goods act and will do everything possible to get out of their responsibility.
  3. One of the (past) problems with Laptops is the inability to upgrade the graphics.

    Nvidia have come up with a solution, its called MXM and is, to all intents and purposes, a graphics card that you can upgrade ( looky here) .

    The only laptop that is worth its salt for gaming at the moment with the MXM mudule, really is the MSI G700 (Specs) but at around £1000, may be too much. Its worth taking into account the survivability of this laptop though due to the ability to upgrade.

    Hope this is of some use :)
  4. 1. Do you really need a laptop, if not buy a desktop PC.
    2. Do not Do not Do not get Vista as the operating system yet.
    3. Get something with the most memory and biggest and best HD and graphics card you can offord.
    4. Stay clear of vista (untill 2009) - oh did I say that.
  5. Nothing wrong with Vista.
    Been using it for months now without a single problem.
  6. Echo NotmeChief, unless you really hate yourself DO NOT buy Dell, as he said they buy cheapest components off the shelf. I was speaking to one of "The Tech Guys" (DSGi's new computer repair company) who said that despite DSGi (at the time) not selling Dell, half the computers he looked at were Dells!

    I would wait for Vista's Service Pack to come out, before going for Vista, it will probably be a good operating system by then! [OUT TOMORROW] Or they will just copy more of OSX and add something like Time Machine!
  7. Must echo NMC and others. Don't touch a Dell. If you look at all the refurb laptop sites, Dell are in the majority, enough said.
  8. simple answer to that dear boy IS that YOU know what your doing, the rest of us f**kwits just push buttons and hope for the best!!!!!!!
  9. Oh I don't know mate.
    I've just blown up my Laptops Motherboard!
  10. :crying: :frustrated: :pc: :eek:mfg: :pissedoff:
  11. Do not buy anything from Acer, just google 'acer customer service' to see why! Proper cowboys. I'd go for the Dell every time.
  12. Bless! :dwarf:

    I tried out the infamous VISTA on Nutty's laptop in not-so-sunny (reda: COLD) Mazarron last month and was DECIDELY UNIMPRESSED.

    On the Dell front, I use one at work, but it's replaced with a new one (cheaper time-cost wise that faffing around with repairs and having to hire a working one) whenever it goes on strike! Let's not discuss that painful topic any further, thank you! :tp:

    My sister uses a Toshiba, which were good laptops when I bought my first one (20MB HD & 1MB RAM.... those were the days) but her's is cuasing her major problsms at present.

    I think Lamri's MXM suggestion is your most affordable option.

    I could recommend a MacBook Pro, but it might not run your gaming software - it's mostly used for editing photographs and video processing on the move (very memory/processor/graphics hungry!!!), and the starting price for the basic model is £1300. Excellent laptop thought - can cope with processing holiday videos whilst bobbing up and down in the high seas!
  13. Use Dells at my workplace too - on my fourth (GX270) one so far :pukel: - seems to the HD that fails ?

    Guy on the next desk (Lucky B) has an older HP compaq which never seems to go t-up.

    What thoughts on Sony anyone ?

  14. Hi folks

    Many thanks for the advice and a special thanks to Lamri.

    Realised that if I want a laptop for gaming being a cheap skate wouldn’t work so after careful consideration I have ordered the recommended G700 Extreme, although I am now harry skinters!

    Cheers guys
  15. Glad to be of help :)
    (I'm getting that one as well as soon as missus Lamri's on the bog with a book) :D
  16. But most importantly, do not leave it in the boot of your car in Birmingham...
  17. Looks like you've already ordered, but if you want the portability of a laptop but with bus parts like PCIe so you can run gaming hardware like a fast graphics card and at least 2 ram slots for 2Gb upwards, small form factor PCs work well. Cheap enough you'd still have change from a laptop left over for an LCD if you don't have one. They are a compromise, since you cant run on battery like you can with a laptop, and space wise, if you were going on board or playing on flights/trains its not an option, but overall I prefer it to the difficulties of upgrading laptops.
    Heres one example of the breed....

    As for Dell, well of course the net is rife with complaints, you'd expect that as they have something like a 55% market share. For work, I'm running an optiplex GX260 that Ive had going for almost 6yrs, had to upgrade from Win2K to WinXP to satisfy the network admins but never had a hardware issue. That said I know the IT tech support office is always rammed with machines in rebuild or salvage, usually the result of some finger trouble, most often browsing or chat clients. Blue screen of death is a weekly player.
    Dell Laptops, they gave us Dell 610s which work fine if you dont drop them a lot. All issues with them seem to be related to people using them outside the network, VPN client etc. There was the famous "battery fire" recall, we had several of those batts but no fires, and they were a Sony JP part, the Korean ones were all OK, so I guess Ive been pretty lucky but I follow the simple rules, keep updates and AV/firewalled. Be careful joining wireless nets you don't know and beware old machines with no O/S or linux etc, we still have some P133/166s around with HVAC or some old DVRs with no protection, and then they go connect them to the network.....

    Anyway, the short version is no, I would not buy a Dell with my own money, I think you can get better VFM elsewhere since they aim at corporate clients. Their hardware is fine, but its too much money for not enough go. Customer service? I don't know any computer manufacturer or seller that has glowing refs, I stick with Costco whenever possible, if its going to blow up due to something they did (building it) it usually does it in the first 90 days, so you save on the shipping if you have to return or exchange it. Also with costco, if you just don't like it you can always take it back too. A nice option if you have one built to order but cock up monumentally on your spec. PC world can be a bit arsey with stuff like that.

    Lams blew up his laptop.....I bet he used a detpack...... :rambo:
  18. Use a Toshiba Satellite lappy with vista - the Toshiba is a little limited on the games front having a 64mb graphics card, but otherwise an excellent machine.

    As for Dell, bought a XPS420 last year, (again with vista) more than pleased with it, although i will admit to having bought an external hard drive to ghost everything across on a fairly regular basis as have had some unfortunate mishaps with dells hard drives at work (3 occasions drives have failed over 6 years) .

    1 point about Vista, it is very memory intensive, si if you go that way, make sure any machine you get has plenty of RAM (lappy has 2056 and PC has 3070mb)
  19. I am now in my third year of using Vista and including the beta versions, have never had a problem.

    It's not so much memory intensive. It manages memory better and won't let any go to waste. Plug in a USB memory stick and it will grab that as memory as well if you want it to.

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