Discussion in 'UPO' started by danny, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know how lantern works? Is it like Namet where low numbers are good? eg a 0 was better than a 2.
    Hope someone knows as i cant find anyone here that does for sure.
  2. Lantern 1...qualifed to killick
    Lantern 2...qualified to CPO
    WO's still need GCSE English plus another GCSE in another subject.

    Before the oldies ask LANTERN means Literacy And Numerecy Test ? Royal Navy and replaces NAMET
  3. Danny, lanterns are used to illuminate dark corners and impresionable Juniors' messes. Operation is simples:

    1) Establish fuel of said lantern
    2) Is fuel and wick present
    3) Apply flame to wick and
    4) Hey Presto :razz: !
  4. So just to make sure im correct to go aircrewman you need 2/2. I have a 2/1 which means im not qualified. Im i right in thinking that?
  5. It is also a multiple choice paper !
  6. 2/2 is superior to 2/1 so no, you're not qualified yet.
  7. Ok thanks a lot.

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