Anyone speak other languages?friends tell me I speak two English and rubbish!I just never had the interest but I am amazed that,whenever a recent report from say Syria/Iraq in a backward village, the dirt poor farmers speak English.
The French are good at surrendering so is not time for them to throw their hands up and say Mon Blue! We have lost the battle for French to be the major language?
In light of the fact in China and India English is now the second language in schools,first language in airline/computer speak we have given the world something that is world changing and we should celebrate that fact.
I have advised my Grandkids to forget German and French at school,time to learn Spanish[for the S.American emerging markets including Mexico,] Russian if you can [although I've heard it's very hard,]Chinese would be too difficult maybe but it may be worth the effort if young enough.
Is that right or should they stick to German/French?
I would say not.
On demob the last four weeks leave I took the temp job on the Isle of Wight ferry for extra cash[When the Skipper asked me to steer SW by S half a degree W I asked him what the feck he was talking about! to my shame as a seaman,he told me to steer at a house on the IOW!]
but another deckhand from Uni was studying Russian and said he would get a first class job in London when he mastered it.
I never forgot that that's why I've advised the kids.
I reckon that's the way to go, you think?
PS Steer well the Feck away from USA speak of English,they are mangling it!


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The Chinese will rule the world one day, not with violence but intelligence and learning. Those Chinese kids are amazing, puts our youngsters to shame with the their knowledge. The infiltration has started, the 'High Street Banking Company' ( thats the way it was advertised in the early days) will take over us all.


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Errr....Granny, the 'High Street Banking Company' or 'Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation' or HSBC as most people know it is a British run institution and always has been since it was formed. I think the Chinese learnt their tricks from them (which makes them even more worrying).

As for Chinese kids being 'amazing' then you should spend more time out here.

We have some amazing kids in UK as well you know. They are not all chavs.
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