Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by hobbit, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. In various ways words and phrases from other languages are easily picked up and used in many cultures . With Jack , travelling the globe , many interesting words were used and became part of Jack-speak . Just wondered if any Arabic words ( greetings ? ) have yet found their way into every-day use . Kids are very good with this I have found, not always for the good of the lingo, and with the many languages now being distributed throughout the world what will eventually become the main one . Just a thought
  2. In the days when HMF were dotted around the Globe, including various Arab countries, there were several Arab words phrases in use by Service personnel. Not all of them could be repeated here!
  3. Bint- meaning woman.
  4. The word "Admiral" is derived from the Arabic for "lord of the seas". :dwarf:
  5. Hobbit, if you get a list together, can we have a shufti?
  6. Baksheesh - freebie ... originally pronounced as 'buckshee' ?

  7. Baksheesh means a back hander, a bribe. But is is the antecedent of "buckshee"a

    You also got the French "tout a l'heure" which became "tootaloo"
  8. Yeah what was it ? shufti cush , give us a look at yer ?????
  9. You could always stick it on RRPedia

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