Land Rover unveils new Defender

Ah yes, Uncle Gord's open display of peevishness. It's quite simple really; find something the Country is good at and earns overseas money from and then tax it to oblivion.


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janner said:
ukdaytona said:
They trying to get a few sales in before the new 4x4 tax forces another British(??) car manufacturer into closure.

I think its now owned by Ford

Rover - Sold To China
TVR - Sold To Russia
Land Rover - Yanks
Rolls Royce - Germans
Armed Forces - Sold to the lowest possible bidder :wink:


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One of my previous (small) ships had a Landrover Defender 110 LWB which I used to drive regularly. It had a radio which was crap but you had to turn right up to try to drown out the road, wind and engine noise, heated seats which made my arse go squidgy and made me think I'd shit myself (again!). The seat doesn't go back far enough so I was driving with my knees tucked under the steering wheel, there was only a hand's width between the steering wheel and the side window so absolutely no elbow room, and heating and ventilation that was almost useless. It felt as if I was driving something like an old Ukrainian tractor! For such a big hunk of metal there is no room inside unless you are a size 0 model.

Utter piece of shit. I'd never buy one.
Nooo, the knees-under-chin phenomenon is what makes a Landy special! The wind whipping around the canvas while you're 'bombing' down the A5 at barely 40mph, passangers straddling both the handbrake and gas cylinder... Ahh! Sweet memories! I hear the new Land Rovers have seats :shock:

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