Anyone know the history of this piece of shit?I've carried this load of crap on more landing parties than I can remember and still don't know why it was introduced to the RN.
Why was the Stirling or even a Sten not used?lighter,reliable and if boarding was required it would easily fit the bill.
Try climbing over guard rails with a Lanchester in hand,stupid!
Can't be the village because I lived there for 20 years and it has nothing to do with guns,no cars come to think of it.Just wondered which clever clog at Admiralty thought it up.


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The Lanchester goes back before WW2. It was replaced by the Stirling when the SLR replaced the Lee-Enfield in the RN in 1967.
The Lanchester was a Sten Gun. The only difference was that that it was fitted inside a wooden stock and carcase and had a fitment for an 18" bayonet.

The heavy wooden but was to allow internal doors inside ships to be smashed in, a Sten would not do that, nor would it hold a bayonet for ship board fighting. Also the 18" bayonet would hold down the barrel and stop it rising and going right when fired in automatic. Now if you want a Sten/Stirling feel yer boots. When boarding in Borneo I liked my Lanchester thank you.

The Lanchester was a direct copy of the German MP 28.
Guy called Lanchester redesigned it with small modifications and the
gun was accepted into the UK armoury.

It was more sturdy than the sten[which wasn't invented till later in WW2]
and used by the RN untill replaced by the Sterling SMG
main thing was that it was obviously matelot proof !!

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Got that thanks,never liked it though except when based at Tipnor a group of PO GI's were trying to pump off one round from it.Hardly any did it and the practice was discontinued when a PO GI[really nasty git] opened up and a richochet came back from something and carved a Clark Gable mustache along his upper lip!How funny was that? except everyone was pissed off that he turned his head at the last moment.
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