Lance Armstrong stripped of 7 titles and banned from professional cycling

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MG Maniac, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Seven-times Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong has said he would no longer fight doping charges by the US Anti-Doping Agency, which quickly said it would strip him of his titles and ban him from competitive cycling.

    By Reuters | Eurosport

    This really is a crock of shit - Seems that Lance has beaten testicular cancer and even managed to win the Tour de France whilst on Chemo. Anyone who has been on or seen anyone on Chemo will know that for someone on Chemo to walk to the bus stop is a achievement in itself yet to go and win the Tour De France while on Chemo is nothing short of amazing.

    The bloke hung up his bike last year so the ban from professional cycling really isn't going to worry him any ... like getting 10 days 9's whan you are at sea for a month ... Seems the USADA have been threatening other cyclist to shop him for taking steroids and even submitted old samples to modern tests which showed positive ... at the time the bloke was on Chemo FFS! Bit of a Witch Hunt if you ask me.
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Didn't he pass shit loads of drugs tests?
  3. USADA will be recommending he is banned from cycling to the UCI - who in turn have not approved the action of the USADA. It's a shame though, he seems to be giving in.
  4. Yeup. Passed every drug test he has ever had ... something like 500 or 600! USADA reckon he knows how to cheat and not get caught and has now been teaching other cyclists how to cheat!

    Seems they've been after him for years - and I think he's just had enough of banging his head against the wall
  5. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It looks like a witch hunt to me, why, i've no idea. I think it's odd that he would know how to beat the system when the system changes (IIRC). I can see why he's had enough to be honest. I would be surprised if he did manage to beat all of these tests though. I'm just a little bit baffled.
  6. You're perpetuating a myth there mate, he was tested nowhere near that amount. Bjarne Riis was never tested, it took him just admitting it for anyone to find out. Until recently, the UCI have been extraordinarily gash when it comes to testing.

    Armstrong is not only a drugs cheat, but if you are into your cycling you'll know he's not actually that heroic, nice guy, all-conquering hero. Beating cancer doesn't stop anyone from being a cheating arse. There is a reason why he tried to shoot down the career of Simeoni for testifying against Michele Ferrari, Armstrong's physician during many of his TdF wins.

    He's all about himself, the things he has said about the cycling greats, Marco Pantani and Alberto Contador prove that.
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  7. Back when he was racing, doping was endemic. Those who can remember the 2006 Tour de France will remember that the original winner was stripped of his title and about 20 riders were disqualified for doping. It was truly awful then, and, IMO, a disgrace to the sport. It's frowned upon greatly in the wider community/subculture as well, and it seems to be generally assumed that Armstrong doped. Whether or not he's had a gutsfull or is almost admitting he did, I don't know. But, 7 TDF wins is the record, and I don't see why he'd not want to fight to keep that honour. Fortunately, the sport has cleaned up its act in recent years.
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There it is. Every day's a school day.
  9. Because this way, the truth will never come into the light. By backing down and taking the hit his legacy will still remain semi-intact by those millions who will just say "It was never proven".

    If he continued to fight he would be taken to the cleaners, the Lance Armstrong Foundation and SRAM would be severely damaged.
  10. Can't argue as I only see what was written about him ... the report said between 5 and 6 hunderd test and given the amount of races over his career that he's been in I could see that as being reasonably accurate but being a sport I only watch occasionally I bow to your superiour knowledge.

    By all accounts the USADA is not the whiter than white outfit it makes itself out to be either ... seems like typical Septic politics coming into play ... if the machine's that big you aint going to win against it and its only a matter of time before you give up banging your head against the wall.

    However working with people on chemo as I do most days, if he was on chemo during the TdF and he even managed to finish it let alone win it then he must have a lot of guts and determination and fair play to him for doing so. Not only that the drugs they use in chemo would show up on any CDT - the trouble is the CDT wont determine whether it was a "banned" substance or a prescribed susbtance - just that a substance was found. What I cant get my head around is that the USADA state the he is not only is a cheat but teaches other cyclist to cheat and not get caught ... if that is the case why haven't the same techniques been been utilised by other sports? Don't seem to have heard anything about other sportspersons being accused of the same thing.

    Agree that theres no smoke without fire but it does seem to be a bit of a witchhunt.
  11. MG, he had completed all chemo by the time he won the TdF in 1999. His chemo ended in 1996, he started cycling again 1997 and I think his proper comeback was '98 in the vuelta. He never competed whilst on chemo. Some argue that because many cyclist were doping, it was a level playing field and it's ok. I disagree, cheating is cheating and the majority of professional cyclists are clean.

    I first had my doubts here: Lance Armstrong attack on Mt. Ventoux 2000 Tour de France - YouTube He and Pantani have a battle of the banned substances.
  12. Fair Comment! The way I understood it was that he won whilst on chemo which, as I said would be quite amazing considering that most patients on chemo have trouble walking to the end of the garden path - which made me think that if he was on chemo then any CDT would have picked it up irrespective of whether it was banned or not so how could they say he was doping. I suppose it depends on what his post treatment has been (as he would have to take something post chemo) if the CDT picked up on that so it could not be proved either way if he was doping or it was his regular treatment - case in point, I seem to remember that an athlete who was taking prescribed ephidrine for an allegry recently failed drug testing as ephidrine is a banned substance.

    Your comments do put a different light on things and I stand corrected.

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    Don't give a ****!
  14. I don't know a great deal about drugs etc but I believe EPO was alleged to be his drug of choice.
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Having read what Monty has written and having had a little hunt around, it would seem that Armstrong is indeed not whiter than white. It just goes to show you never know. I'm still baffled though as to why he would do it knowing that it must surely bite him on the arse at a later date. Anyone else remember the "Winners don't take drugs" campaign?
  16. I will point out that despite almost certainly being a drugs cheat also, Marco Pantani is excused everything because he was awesome, wore pink and rode a Bianchi.
  17. EPO = Epoetin which combines with iron in the bone marrow to make red blood cells ... the more red cells you have the better oxygen carrying capacity you have and the more oxygen = more fuel to the muscles. This is why most athletes tend to train at altitude which fools the body into thinking they need more red cells so producing EPO naturally. Then when they get back down to sea level they have loads of red blood cells so makes them go faster (well thats the theory).
  18. Ah, cheers me old.
  19. Exactly. If Wiggo can win the TDF without doping (he's very strongly and openly against it, and new rules mean all riders are tested after every stage) and the vast majority of cyclists, these days, don't dope, then that's where you get the level playing field. In any case, I'm always going to respect the clean winner who wins it once vastly more than I respect the one who wins the TDF 7 times but is like a bloody pharmacist.

    With regards to that clip, that's certainly a very dramatic, almost superhuman, attack. I saw a very strong attack on a similar climb by Contador in La Vuela 3 days ago, but it wasn't anything compared to that.
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  20. Just a bloody witch hunt and by aload of inept officials.

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