Lancastria: Britain's Forgotten Disaster

Yes, a very sad read. I don't think I have heard this story before, although the name Lancastria seems familiar.
Thanks for posting the link.
My grandfather was on the Lancastria, he never talked about it a great deal but after reading the book about the disaster it was pretty clear why....he was serving in the Royal Engineers at the time and lost most of his company in the disaster..guys that just popped below for a wet at the wrong time never to be seen again...very sad!
It was a sad tale well told by the Beeb.

I had heard of Lancastria (more lives lost than in Titanic and Lusitania combined) but it is not well-documented.

Driving south from St Nazaire a couple of years ago I found and followed signs to a Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery in Pornic, where most of the bodies washed ashore from Lancastria are buried.

The Price of Admiralty.


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I was told years ago that my Father was a survivor of this incident. I am trying, without much success, to find out where he landed when he was returned to the UK. Some of the ships that brought home the survivors, and other servicemen, from the shores of St Nazaire, landed them in Falmouth and Plymouth, I believe. Anyone any ideas where 'landed troops lists' might be held? All my Dad would say was that he was taken by'wheelbarrow' down to St Nazaire harbour.

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