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Laminated list of five


Deleted 7

RIght, this is being done over on rearparty but I thought I would cross it over to RR. All this 'lobbing one over cherie blair' talk might come into use.

If you have ever watched 'friends' then there was an episode where in a relationship you are able to choose 5 famous people you'd bend over the qtr deck locker hatch and inspect the golden rivit! Once your top 5 are down, you then laminate and keep just for sh*ts n giggles. So to start this off, mine are;

1) Joaquin Pheonix
2) James Masters
3 Jamie Fox
4) Collin Farral
5) Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie - depending who is free
Nice on Jenny, got your type sussed..... here goes...

1) Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives
2) Lucy Liu Oriental sex goddess
3) Marisa Tomei Brookly NY actress, sexy doesn't cover it
4) Salma Hayek Words not neccessary
5) Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie (whoever is available) sorry Jenny for the plaguarism, one small thing though, Brad would have to be trannied up with a wig and make up to look like Angelina (including tattoos)..

OK that's enough, I'm off to the heads :oops:
1) Penny Smith GMTV
2) Jenny Seagrave JUDGE JOHN DEED
3) Doris Day 30 YEARS AGO
4) Reese Witherspoon TOPTOTTY
:lol: :p :roll: :twisted: :eek:
1. Felicity Kendal - she is still lovely after all these years
2. Chrissy Hines - yum yum
3. Stacey in Eastenders - well I would give her one !
4. Kylie - just to fit the pattern !
5. Felicity again - she has to worth 2 places in my list
In no particular order

1 Carol Smilie
2 Pat Benetar the rock singer (in her leather skirt)
3 Carol Smilie
4 Pat Benetar
5 Carol Smilie

it was heard in the office Carol Smilie PHWOOOOOAR to which I had to agree with but then I am Jock
1 - Jane Seymour (Live and Let Die)
2 - Zhang Zyi (House of Flying Daggers)
3 - Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge)
4 - Jessica Alba (Sin City)
5 - Rose McGowan (Charmed)
OSLO said:
1 - Jane Seymour (Live and Let Die)
2 - Zhang Zyi (House of Flying Daggers)
3 - Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge)
4 - Jessica Alba (Sin City)
5 - Rose McGowan (Charmed)

Jessica Alba ... Ooh suits you sir...
1. Lisa Faulkner (New Street Law, Holby)
2. Sarah Parrish
3. Tina Hobley (she seems dirty)
4. Kate Hudson
5. Katie Holmes (just to see the smiling dwarf off!)
janner said:
Hattie Jaques
Ena Sharples
Dawn French
Cherry Bliar
The Beckett

8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

I said laminated list of 5 for sexual favours, not laminated list of 5 to throw rotten veg at!
whitemouse said:
Miss, Miss ! Can we choose from past beauties please Miss !!

Not a problem, however, I do not wish to see you banged up in prision for grave digging. You hear me :twisted:
In no particular order

Steve Mcqueen, Great Escape (if he wasn't dead of course)
Julian Clary (If he wasn't gay, theres something about him)
My boyfriend
Some other wife's husband
Martin Johnson (Rugby)

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