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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. What ever next, Hens laying eggs, cows chewing the cud.
    Spending our licence fee on this load of old swaddle really grips my sh1t.

    Rant over!
  2. I have respectfully insisted that the Beeb do a similar series and call it Dogging Live.
    I am certain that viewing figures will more than justify any costs :p
  3. 'Trannies dogging live'.............would be fun
  4. On balance, it's probably more entertaining and informative than X factor and other assorted humanoid based "shows". :D
  5. What is? Dogging Live.
  6. May get a bit confusing for the participants in the dark ...
  7. There is a cnut of a sheep farmer near Chipping in Lancashire I counted three sheep dead in one field near his house they died with the lamb breached he had a barn full of straw and his sheep out in boggy windswept fields. It would take app half a hour to build a shelter out of bales. I had words with him a while back when he started on the old get off my land crap. If the map states footpath I walk across end of story.
  8. Lots of Farmers won't pay vets bills and the price of sheep ain't that high
    so any ewe that has problems lambing goes natures way .

    Cruel in a way but possibly kind --the ewe would need extra care and the lamb probably would be dead anyway .

    Biggest problem I used to have was not being sure if the ewe was having twins . Or first lambers rejecting the lamb .

    Great having sheep though -lot of work at times but you get to know them
    ---especially at clipping time !!

  9. Yeah, always enjoyed keeping sheep. Other than the fact that they seem to wake up one day and decide that they're going to find a way - no matter how absurd - to kill themselves. And, if they can't, they just....die.
  10. Every time I tried to count them......I fell asleep
  11. They're a strange lot in that area - a bit like the Exmoor oddballs 8O
  12. I went to a local sheep farm a few years ago to see the ickle lambies and if lucky actually see one being born. The particular farmer was very concerned about all his sheeps and would have been horrifed to treat them like the farmer above. The lambing pens were indoors with little heaters for the orphans and they had a watchkeeper for the nights to ensure that the sheep due to lamb always had someone in attendance. Still have not been able to eat lamb since that day though.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I've got a pet sheep, saves mowing the "orchard". She's called "millie". I've been informed by the blobbettes that I'm not allowed to eat her, if it's got a name it's not the done thing apparently. I'm going to get a ickle black one when she dies and name it after my cousin.
  14. Rosey dear, that is just the problem, too many people only see food as some prepacked hygenic package in a supermarket, but yes you lamb chop starts of as one of those funny baby lambs. They actually look at their most cuddly though when they are on their way to market.

    I used to spend much of my childhood holidays, christmas easter and summer , on a sheep and ccattle farm so I do know where my food comes from. Most farmers do look after their animals as well as they can, simply because they at the end of the day are worth money, money they can ill afford to lose.
  15. What, Rumrat? :lol:
  16. I have a pet sheep called Blondie she's 15 years old and still very fit !.
    Spends her days plotting how she can damage my dog . Bonnie the collie keeps well out of her way .
    So be prepared for a loong wait before getting a black replacement for

  17. eeeerrrrrmmmm!.....forget it
  18. Stop knocking it, I love a little lamb, with some new pots and mint sauce!
  19. Not at all, but they pretend it is :wink:
  20. I know kids who live in Dumfries who have never seen a cow or a sheep! Ask them where you get beef from and the answer will be Tesco! If thats the knowledge of kids who live in a small town market God knows what innner city kids think!

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