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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by zoomie_lad, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. zoomie_lad

    zoomie_lad New member

    Anybody got any tips? or is it just revise, revise, revise like phase 2B? what is the practical element like? is there a lot of sheet metal work or is it all a/c work and theory?
  2. Junglie_killick

    Junglie_killick New member

    Just broken the back of the course, got 4 months left. You can't really prepare for it as most of the info is new, but I'd definately look at going over your maths, it's nothing too difficult but worth having it fresh in your head.
  3. shag_shacker

    shag_shacker War Hero

    the most important thing that anyone will tell you about LAETQC - your DO will definitely like whisky. i can guarantee it

    none of that bells shite though :toilet: :tp: - balvenie, talisker, macallan in fact anything that says malt on it

    remember that and you wont fail a single thing :thumright:
  4. Junglie_killick

    Junglie_killick New member

    I know of a hoofin D.O. who will clear your criminal record at the table with a nice bottle of Bruichladdich! Got a lad off with minimum puns. Hoofin D.O.
  5. jlager

    jlager New member

    I know a DO who is clearly bumming one of his lads - and getting lashed up by him by the sound of it !
  6. shag_shacker

    shag_shacker War Hero

    i sense the green eyed monster arriving - and what have you been bought by your lads - nissan 350, lcd photo frame, not even a cup of warm pi**.

    after tonight you'll definitely owe me two quid

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