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Hi everyone,

As some of you may have read I am trying to branch change to Phot and I have hit a snag to say the least.

I had laser eye surgery last year and I didn't go and see an ophthalmologist afterwards (because I didn't know I had to) this is now holding up my request because the sickbay are saying that although it states in the book that anyone who has laser eye surgery remains P2, I am not 'technically' P2. Hmmmm well it says in the book that I am P2 NOT that I am P2 but still not 'technically' P2. Anyway I can't see an ophthalmologist because I am now on deployment and won't be back til Christmas so I am about to start kicking up a fuss, trouble is I can't find that reference so herein lies my question....

Can anyone on here tell which BR I should be looking in? If there are any medics reading I would be soooooo grateful.

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