Lady Gaga Tribute

sgtpepperband said:
I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I now prefer the original to this absolutely shocking 'performance', in which a girl does a Ladyboy GaGa for a video production class. It's so awful that I can't quite tell if it's deliberately bad:

8O :oops:
Right here's the real deal.

Lock her down for a month, slim-fast, not a problem.
She only then has to open her mouth to receive "Man protein".
She shows in the video, good potential for a wank her hand action being promising.
She also displays a more than average desire to open her legs at various points.

Ah, bloody hell you lot just being "picky" again and leaving all the gash for poor old Stan :D :roll:
WreckerL said:
I could only stand 34 seconds of that shite. Looking at her beer gut I would imagine she's a good run ashore though.
As much as that? lasted about 5. Pig in knickrs :pukeright:
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