Lady boys

Ive been reading this site for a while now and ive seen all the crap thats been posted by so called bufties about its great to be gay.
Whilst being totally against homosexuals in the forces i wondered what everyones view on chicks with dicks is??
I know a few lads who have shagged a few and ive been pretty close myself on a few occasions which in my view does not make me gay.
What does everyone think and has anyone ever been with one??
Personally Ive no problem with chicks with dicks (everyone to their own). and NO I havent been with one. :whew:

Dit mode........
Once on holiday in singas with mrs creakin, went into a bar. Mrs creakin says theres a lot of women in here aint there. I says not really you are probably the only one. I believe Kaitais (spelt wrong) are in fact chicks with dicks........
End of dit mode



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Jerry_Hatrick said:

It was during one of those periods in my life when I wasn't feeling myself.

Now we can all see what you were feeling, still no suprise, you were after all a Bunting Tosser :dwarf:
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