Lads I’d like to ask about the swimming during the prnc , is done in 30 m pool ? and what do they consider as a fail during the swim test?

Lads, I’d like to enquire what they consider as a fail during the prnc swim test and what to avoid during the test, I got mine this coming week.
You need to jump in and swim 50m in 4 minutes in a swimming costume and climb out unaided. That is pass or fail for PRNC only.
The NST is next which is jump in, tread water for 2 minutes and swim 50m again. Then climb out unaided. In overalls. That isn’t pass or fail until you get to Raleigh but you’d do well to pass it there and then.
Yes that’s a fail. But the water is quite deep and you don’t go all the way to the shallow end to turn around so it wouldn’t be that easy to touch the bottom. But yes if you touch the bottom or sides it’s a fail.
Sounds like Pish (love the name - Jockinese perhaps?) needs to get his* little white bum and budgie smugglers down to pool on a daily basis to boost technique and water confidence.

If you're a burd, I have a pal who'd appreciate a couple of piccies in the bikini......... for RNST research reasons.

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