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Ladies knickers


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We were somewhere in Fiji and yet another had jumped ship. Living ashore with some voluptuous beauty clearly appealed more than another year and a half on board .
The Cox'n was clearing out his kit and called me over.
On one door on the inside of his locker ,he had fixed a piece of art work comprising the diamond shape crotches from about a dozen of his acquisitions. He had nicked their panties on leaving and cut out the rather unsavoury diamond bits and mounted them with the location of the evil deed inked in alongside. He probably did well ashore!
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...the diamond shape crutches from about a dozen of his acquisitions.

Crotches & conquests, Robert, unless "yet another" collected mobility aids.



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A bit dull for your current Royal navy experiences perhaps. It's what they had to put up with for excitement before you joined.
It's a capital N in Royal Navy, or didn't they teach you basic English "back in the day" ?

Deleted 58790

They also taught us that nit-picking didn't behold one so exalted!

Odd job

I’m alright with the secrets as i have clearance up to Ridiculous & anything below!

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I’m alright with the secrets as i have clearance up to Ridiculous & anything below!

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Sorry, that's too low.

You need at a minimum ' Seriously Ridiculus' to proceed further!!!!

Outrageously Ridiculous and you'll have to eat your motherboard before divulging anything to anyone who haven't been cleared beyond OR!!!!
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