"Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The French..

Discussion in 'History' started by golden_rivet, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. I imagine there are people on this site who would regard it as treasonable to utter those words as part of the same sentence. But why for goodness sake? Having studied history, politics, IR a bit I know that there is a popular hatred of the French that has nothing to do with personal experience (my nephew who was 11 refused a free holiday there 2 years ago and I had to take him to Barcelona instead of Paris (for goodness sake!!!!!!!) ) Ok the French revolution nearly spread over here, something did or didn't happen during the war that should/shouldn't have happened. Let's face it ---we are jealous. More advanced culturally (The Encyclopedia of Diderot) a leader in the arts, better food, weather, romantic language, better lovers, more beautiful countryside (half the population of Provence is comprised of Daily Mail readers (mind you that's no loss.) ) So when I get up today and hear on Radio 4 that Helen Mirren's film 'The Queen' is top of the pops in France and that there is talk of comissioning a new biography of the Queen in French I have to conclude that the French don't feel the same way about us .... so what's our problem?
  2. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen ... The

    I don't think that its something that you can quantify (sp?)
    I personally don't think much of the French as a whole, but have never spoken to a Frenchman that I didn't like.
    Perhaps it has something to do with the World Wars, I don't know. Perhaps earlier, and its been bred into me!
    What I have heard (true or not) is that in French schools, pupils are taught that it was the US that came to thier aid in WWII and us Brits (incl. Commonwealth) don't get a mention AT ALL.
    A friend has a French wife and it was her that told the story btw. She is from countryside France, and not City France, which is possibly where the problem lies between our countries (City French have no time for English)
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    Bloody French - I hate em.

    Well maybe they have nice food but that's it. I suppose their women are pretty good too but they haven't really contributed much else to the world. Except maybe their art .. and architecture. And I suppose their footballers are ok and they do cheap booze, but apart from that "what have the French ever done for us"?

    Besides ... I'm still obliged to hate them on principle. After all, if I didn't - who would I hate?

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    It's a racial thing (not the PC time of racial either) we have been at war with france on and off (up untill about 150 years ago - someone will correct me on that I know) for the better part of a 900 years. And before anyone mentions it the Normans were not french, so you cannot say our aristocracy is of french origin!
  5. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    nah they are what is I believe frequently known as 'box heads'
  6. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    It’s a bit of a mystery to me why many English dislike the French with a vengeance, after all when the Normans conquered you they bred with Saxon lasses, consequently many of you will have French blood coursing through your veins.
  7. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    No the Queen is ours. If they wanted a royal family sooooo much.......shouldn't have killed yours should you?? 8O

    and anyway the present royal family has Germanic roots - Hapsbergs (sorry bout spelling??)
  8. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    The Royal familly is a mixy blob of about all the European nations. Jock, English, Frog, Kraut, Spanish, Russian (I think) and I'm sure there are many others.
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    If anyone want's the gold plated scroungers they are welcome to them.
  10. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    Anyone care to name that tune?
  11. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    Here! Here!

    No nasty frogs in our Royal Lineage; except for maybe Richard Couer de Lion.......Oooooops Richard the Lionheart.

    Who spent more time in France than he ever did in England........

    Who used England as a tax base to raise finances for his european ambitions......

    Whose family insignia was a sprig of Golden Broome worn on his tunic.....which in French is called Plante Argent......

    Which is why Plantagenet became the name of this particular English royal family and it's descendents....

    And let's not mention Eleanor of Aquitane and Henry V.......

    Or the French cavalry saving the remains of the Light Brigade after the Heavy Brigade decided that charging down the wrong valley was not too tactically smart.......

    And cock on for spotting that the Normans weren't French ...they were.....errrrr well Norsemen.; recent emigres to France...Jeany come Latelies.....except that the bulk of William the Bastards invasion force actually were French....led by the Normans.

    Sacre Bleu......Ain't history a bitch........pmsl
  12. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    Jeez how far back are we going to go here?

    OMG We are all Africans!!!!
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    Some posts deleted. If you want to brag about your sexual prowess, 'Lil's' is the place to do it.
  14. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    I new my post had holes you could drive a type 42 throug, but there again so does yours, yes the bulk of Wiliam the 1st forces were 'french' but France has changed a hell of a lot in the last 1000 years. Brittany, Normandy and Bergundy were more or less independent nations. Aquaitane has changed hands so many times since the Romans created it as a province its a bit of a bstrd to quantify (although if memory serves - it ws an independant principality - fought over by France & England due to Eleanor 1st marrying a frog king, getting it annulled and then getting hitched to Henry II (I think it was II, but theres been a lot of them and i;m just back from the rugby club so the Jennings Cream is interfereing with my memory).

    But mine main point was that France & England have been kicking the Sh**e out of each other up until about 150 years ago (remind me when did the crimean campeign take place) Richard 1st did spend a lot of time in what is modern day France, and he was very pally with the frankish king (thats how he got involved in his crusade) but dont forget, large parts of what is modern day france belonged to the English.

    I appologise if I have jumped from pillar to post on this one, but as said that Jennings!!!
  15. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    A different view of the French from across the pond......................saying a big Fcuk you for thier help after 9/11 and their continuing "help".

    Who Stands Alone
    Author Unknown

    Eleven thousand soldiers lay beneath the dirt and stone,
    all buried on a distant land so far away from home.
    For just a strip of dismal beach they paid a hero's price,
    to save a foreign nation they all made the sacrifice.

    And now the shores of Normandy are lined with blocks of white,
    Americans who didn't turn from someone else's plight.
    Eleven thousand reasons for the French to take our side,
    but in the moment of our need, they chose to run and hide.

    Chirac said every war means loss, perhaps for France that's true,
    for they've lost every battle since the days of Waterloo.
    Without a soldier worth a damn to be found in the region,
    the French became the only land to need a Foreign Legion.

    You French all say we're arrogant. Well hell, we've earned the right--
    We saved your sorry nation when you lacked the guts to fight.
    But now you've made a big mistake, and one that you'll regret;
    you took sides with our enemies, and that we won't forget.

    It wasn't just our citizens you spit on when you turned,
    but every one of ours who fell the day the towers burned.
    You spit upon our soldiers, on our pilots and Marines,
    and now you'll get a little sense of just what payback means.

    So keep your Paris fashions and your wine and your champagne,
    and find some other market that will buy your aeroplanes.
    And try to find somebody else to wear your French cologne,
    for you're about to find out what it means to stand alone.

    You see, you need us far more than we ever needed you.
    America has better friends who know how to be true.
    I'd rather stand with warriors who have the will and might,
    than huddle in the dark with those whose only flag is white.

    I'll take the Brits, the Aussies, the Israelis and the rest,
    for when it comes to valour we have seen that they're the best.
    We'll count on one another as we face a moment dire,
    while you sit on the sideline with a sign "friendship for hire."

    We'll win this war without you and we'll total up the cost,
    and take it from your foreign aid, and then you'll feel the loss.
    And when your nation starts to fall, well Frenchie, you can spare us,
    just call the Germans for a hand, they know the way to Paris.
  16. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    Berg, the Broom,whence the Plantagenet name came from is the Latin Planta Genet,it was stuck in the Helmet,cap to distinguish combattents.Planta Argent would mean Silver Plant!Still hate the frogs though!I do have a reason.When i was at school i was going on a Cadets course and had £60 in my wallet.There were only 2 people left in school at the time,me and a French Exchange student by the name of Benoit.On the face he was a decent sort.Come the morning while on the train heading towards Culdrose i checked my wallet and it was light to the tune of £40!!!There can only be one person,the stinking thieving Frog Benoit!May his balls be infested with crabs and creeping ball rot!!!!!
  17. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    My point was simply that France and England are so entwined historically that for long periods they were difficult to separate. The English royal family had huge dollops of Frogidge and vice versa. The Normans when they arrived at Hastings were to all intents and purposes a French invasion force as opposed to Harald Hardrada's northern force wich was almost entirely Norse. Hardrada was thrashed by the Saxons and the Saxons were thrashed by the Normans. That's why our english heritage leans to France and not to Scandinavia. This event set the stage for the next 1000 years and why your original assertions were flat out wrong.

    We have been allies with the French at least as often as we have been at their throats. Why don't most english like them at the moment??? Beats me.......I suspect that the fact that their politicians were a lot smarter than ours and weren't led by the nose by the Septic Tanks might have something to do with it.

  18. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    As your signature so rightly states...Bullshit baffles brains.

    What does this doggerel have to do with anything?

    The French responded immediately after 9/11 and are still in Afghanistan. They just didn't buy the US generated bullshit and propaganda about Iraq. Bloody good call in my opinion. The Brits fell for it and the US have used Bliar like the cheap asswipe that he is ever since. It's sometimes difficult to admit but the French have been independent and correct and the Brits have been poodled and wrong at almost every turn over the past 5 years.

  19. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    Lets try to keep this a little lighthearted guys, eh ;)

    Although some might say that being an extended state of the US is still a better proposition than being part of the EU.....
  20. Re: "Ladies and gentlemen I give you The Queen The Fren

    Andy...Thank you for enlightening me :idea: It all falls into place now and I will explain it all to Higs later on.

    We now know where your love affair with trains began :oops: TGV

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