Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stirling, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. ...who works in small Sainsburys near me is good egg, spotted my vet badge the other day and said he had tried for RAF but was knocked back because of his stutter, WTF. Do the RN have the same policy ?, lad is desperate to have a forces job so I said I would ask on here.
  2. I joined up with a lad who had a stutter, his name was Jjjjj......Jjjjjjjj.........jjjjoooo.......Jjjjjooooon........Jjjjjooooooonnnne.........Taff.
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  3. That's an odd one as I suppose it's hard to define the degree of stutter, and I assume it's not exactly a medical matter. I have certainly known a few stutterers whilst I was serving (no hidden joke there) but I suppose they were fairly minor and perhaps developed after joining. Be interesting to see an 'official' response here.
  4. Aye, probably tending his pidgeons at the mo so will check back tommoras.
  5. Gen dit, I did actually join up with a lad who had a pretty bad stutter, so they were definitely allowing stutterers in back then.

    To be fair, he was easier to understand than some of the bad speaking Northern ***** in my entry.
  6. Indeed. We had a Geordie Bosun's Mate on the Ajax who was swiftly job-changed. "Jack Blair Naval Tailors are now in attendance on the jetty" was a work of poetry up there with Burns in it's incomprehensibility.
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  7. Not to mention..... 'Do you hear there, there will be an interdenominational church service' etc
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  8. Stuttering Stanley
  9. I do know of a bloke who had a bad stutter. If he knew what to say he was fine (standard pipes in the donkshop type of thing) but he refused to go Chief of the Watch as he would have to make "off the cuff" pipes if you see what I mean.

    Never heard him pipe "Ship the athwartship snubber shims" though (SSN dit)
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    He wants to join the RAF, what concern is that to members of the military?
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  11. It would have been a helluva long harbour stations by the time he got it out though.
  12. Reminds me of the old Ack Ack sergeant joke...
  13. *Bite shield on*

    Which is? Unless it's the messerschmit/fokker one!

    *Bite shield off*
  14. Could be an interesting shooting range if he was safety GI ssssssttttttoooooppppp fffffffiiiiiirrrrrr **** it but your guns down
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  15. Bump .................
  16. Concur about the comment of someone being OK if they knew what they were to say. On a joint service resettlement course (IT) one of the pongos was a radio operator whose stutter was quite bad. Until he knew what to say and then fine. Bloody clever this brain of ours.

  17. Might be wrong but aint that ceeeeease fffffffiiiiiiirrrr **** it put your guns down
  18. We had a killick on board who had a bit of a high pitched lisp, getting him on comms was a scream especially when he had to do a report with any Ssssss's in it or better still when he was QM "Sssstbd watch of Ssssseamen Sssstby to receive pas boat Sssstbd Sssside Aft
  19. Having a Stutter or a Stammer is not a bar to entry for the RN. However, it would depend on the severity of it and how the individual copes with it on a daily basis. I know this as I am speaking from personal experience.
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  20. Thanks Drakey, I will give him the buzz.

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