Lactose Intolerance - Medical question

Hi, I suffered with Lactose Intolerance when I was quite young, from about 7 years old to around 10, and I was discharged after that, I was also not prescribed anything just told to stay off dairy when I had it, but I haven't had any trouble with the condition for around 6/7 years now (I'm 16) and can drink/eat all dairy without trouble/stomach pain etc.

The guidelines states -

''0710. Food Allergies and Related Conditions
As a general rule a history of gluten enteropathy or gluten sensitivity, serious food
allergy (e.g. peanuts), lactose intolerance and inborn errors of metabolism are incompatible
with military service. Exceptions to this general guidance may be permitted under certain
circumstances and will be determined by the AFCO ME.''

Could I be put into the 'certain circumstances'? Because I have no symtoms of Lactose Intolerance and haven't for many years? Or is a complete no? & would I have to go for tests when I go for my medical to prove it doesn't bother me anymore, etc.

Thanks alot :)


Stupidity is a bar to entry. You've already asked a similar question, presumably not liked the answer do have reposted. However, now you have given more info.

You may have had a transient intolerance, possibly post-gastroenteritis or something like that. It's not uncommon to temporarily be lactose intolerant after gastro, especially in childhood. Need to see all your GP +/- hospital records though.

It's not a definite no but you're not sailing yet.

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