lacking in the right pices of paper

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by blatant, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi all first post on here take it easy on me I don’t want to have to take you all out in to the carpark ]

    Right after a failed attempt at joining the navy when I was 20 due to a now resolved medical problem (one of my testacies was in my stomach now I am one of the rare type of males were the distance between my balls can be calculated in miles rather than mm) I have decided to go for it again and after much job research really fancy the weapons engineering officer being 28 tomorrow ime a bit old so jumping in as a officer would be up my street

    Problem is no a levels or degree however I have other personal skills in my trade and business life that may assist me hopefully I would write them down and may still do but before I do I just need to know is the fact I have no a levels or degree going to blanket stop me from officer entry

    Oh I have the 5 gcse,s required and I have contacted the careers office and have my internal presentation next Tuesday but just thought I would have a nosey around on here for some answers from the sharp end as I find the arrse army website a good resource s I assume that this will be just as good if not better

    Cheers in advance

    ps typed on i phone during a lull at work i have puncuation skills but its hard on a tiny screen
  2. Hello Blatant & Welcome.

    Given the time of your posting (and the time of this reply) please have a good look through the RN Careers site here (if you have not done so already):

    Yes, RR is v. similar to ARSSE. Plenty of stuff to trawl through in the Newbies threads. Both are UNOFFICIAL sites and both draw in the smart Alecs;
    there are less of them on here though but you'll find that ours are infinitely smarter.

    Best of luck at Tuesday's presentation.

    (Perhaps see you sometime in your Car Park, do you dish out any 'Freeby Permits' there? :wink: )

  3. You will certainly need a degree in engineering to become an engineering officer.

    You will also need 180 UCAS points.

    You may have seen some people talk about waivers and slight discretion when it comes to specific qualification requirements, but nowhere near to the extent you require.

    Have you considered applying as a rating instead, you would be one of the older ones at Raleigh but there have certainly been older, there are a couple of threads on here about mature applicants etc. they might be useful to you.
  4. Ok so a waver was mentioned ill trawl over some of the stuff I d have to throw about at the recruiting office to try get one of these then

    Ok forgive me it this looks like some crappy cv but I,m just hoping for a heads up

    Ok millatary wise ive been in the army cadets from 13 to 18 as a cadet athen from 22 to now (5 years ) as an instructor ranked sergeant qualafactions are

    Small bore and full bore rco to 1000 meters
    Dcct operator (or sat what ever its called nowdays )
    Obstical course instructor
    Plus all the standard instructors courses and loads of smaller ones basically every course its possible to do as a army cadet instructor

    Civvies street

    I,m the highest grade electrical engineer that the jib (governing body of electricians ) will dish out and have spent the last 5 years running a company with a turn over of 250 k a year 5 staff 2 vans taking on work with a value of 1 million plus mostly the installation of packaging machinery and robotic devices and the computer control of such kit along with the refurbishment and modernisation of such equipment this incorporates a lot of electrical mechanical works including hydraulics pneumatics electrical control computer programming turning welding and all types of machining I have no formal qualification in the mechanical side of stuff though only the electrical

    However I am pretty gifted with all what I would term metal working and turning and I build working steam engines both rail locos and traction in my spare time but no degree in it

    I also own a property company along with the electrical business that renovates property that I then rents it out so I think I have pretty good management skills as both businesses are in profit and have happy staff

    Apologies for banging on but what I really want to know is this going to get me any were or do I need to get may arse in gear get back to night school and get some a levels or what I apreacheat that in the world nowdays you need bits of paper to say you can do stuff

    Am I going to go to ther careers office blab all this out and there not going to give a **** or is this stuff I can sell my self on ??

    Cheers all
  5. It isn't a normal job interview, your company turnover and business plans etc will not cut it. There is almost zero chance of getting them to waive the fact you have no a levels and no degree.
  6. bugger shall have to get myself to nightschool pretty quick then to get me some of them a levles
  7. blatant

    What is it that you find particularly appealing about the role of WEO?
  8. i love engeneering and favour WE over stoker just a bit as i am a bit of "gun nut "i shoot most shooting disaplins as a hobbie and as far as i have seen some wepons systems (without disrespect )are basically the robotic type equipment i currently work with with a gun strapped to the top

    basically i love all things electrical automated and michanical but favour them more if they go bang and shoot stuff over pump water or cool air

    not the anwser i would give in a interview but the truth
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Royal Navy Engineering Officers require the mandatory GCSE's, A Levels & an accredited Engineering degree. Waivers with regard A levels meeting the 180 UCAS points threshold maybe considered for otherwise outstanding candidates who have the Degree & GCSEs together with relevant higher educational qualifications, passed at an acceptable grade, as advised by AIB.

    Experience in Engineering is not enough unfortunately. For example, I've got 29 years worth of 'hands on' military engineering experience & 27 years worth of regular service military leadership & management experience, but am nowhere nearer to becoming an officer because of my atrocious lack of quantified academic achievement.

    The difference is that Officers don't ever use spanners, sockets, pliers & screwdrivers, they manage those of us that do the "hands on" aspects of engineering.

    Adult Instructor Cadet qualifications, whilst highly commendable & useful with regard gaining leadership experience, do not equate to relevant educational qualifications unfortunately, as will already have become apparent working in the military cadet sphere & doubtless you are aware the Army require the same basic qualifications for the equivalent trade.

    If you have the minimum 5 GCSE's including Maths & English it is theoretically possible to join as a Rating and, if recommended, apply to be put forward for AIB Officer Selection. Around 35-40% of RN Engineering Officers joined as Ratings.

    Best of luck.
  10. cheers ninja that was basically the slap bang on anwser i was looking for ill let you know how i get on
  11. I'm afraid that at present you written English (don't know about your oral English) would let you down. You need at least grade C at GCSE for the Wardroom (along with others)
  12. blatant

    What are you going to do now, based on the good advice which has been given above?
  13. ha ha ha ha ha.. that is the biggest load of cr*p I've ever seen.

    Yep, no quals, but you can shoot a .22 rifle. Have you thought about joining the SAS instead?

    And with all of your companies too - is there anything you haven't done? Can you even afford to live on an officers' wage if you're used to bringing in that much money? Perhaps you'd like to.. ahh, I can't do it anymore!!!

  14. ill be trying my luck any how i can aim high then get shot down cant ill but if the officer is a no no as I suspect it will be ill go for WE
  15. I was wondering when the completely unhelpful post would come along and there it is well done ******** ill not going to rise to your shithouse tactics bar to say put your money were your mouth is if you want to call me a liar and see who loses it

    Needless to say I’m not motivated towards the position of officer by the money ime just looking for a career change

    Oh and thanks to all the helpful posters
  16. OK Blatant
    You state that you are the highest grade electrical ENGINEER that the J.I.B. will dish out.
    Their are no engineering qualification dished out by the J.I.B. they take existing qualifications and then grade you. They do not grade ENGINEERS they grade ELECTRICIANS. The highest grade required is only a level 3 standard qualification.
    So you are a qualified ELECTRICIAN, Real Engineers have degrees in the subject while TECHNICIAN ENGINEERS (which many on this site will be) Have an HNC in the subject.

    As for becoming an occifer your blatant misuse of the Queens English will most definitely a rejection.

    Who made the decision that you are GIFTED?

    Please keep on with your present life as if you cannot take a little banter from those like icantfly your life in the RN will be hell.

    The only Waiver that you are likely to get is from the Recruiting staff pissing themselves with laughter as they wave you off at the AFCO door.
  17. blatant

    What are your plans now?
  18. Briliant
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think he meant Speshal Slim :wink:

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