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Lack of curiousity by Austrian Police in Fritzl case. Why?

Over the last week I have been reading reports on the Fritzl case in the British & Norwegian broadsheets. What has struck me is the lack of any real curiousity by the authorities in general and the Austrian police in particular to the circumstances leading to this dreadful series of crimes. It seems that they would rather the whole thing would go away. There are, of course similarities with the West case and the so-called Yorkshire Ripper. Perhaps had Fritzl been sexually abusing his son the authorities might have acted sooner?

I find it odd that files that were supposedly destroyed have suddenly reappeared after Fritzl's former rape victims came forward to the media. Why are Austrian serial rapists rehabilitated so quickly and allowed not only to keep existing children, but adopt and foster new ones as well? Do Austrians regard rape as trivial?

Having read the broadsheets I am left with the rather unappealing impression that the Austrian police really don't care about the victims, but appear over keen to help the perpetrator. As a liberal, with perhaps a propensity toward lenience towards offenders, even I find this shocking. I personally feel that with the attitude of Austria's police crimes like the Fritzl case there is something decidely ugly about the state of modern Austria. Frankly it reminds me of the tales of the brothers Grimm - which in the vernacular are much more sinister than the sanitised translations that are available in Britain. What Austohorrors lie ahead, because of this seeming indifference?


Lantern Swinger
Re: Lack of curiousity by Austrian Police in Fritzl case. Wh

Apparently (and according to her sister, true) Fritzl's wife Rosemarie had no idea what was going on either. One daughter ran away and then her dear Josef kept finding new children, presumably under the gooseberry bush in the back garden !


Lantern Swinger
Re: Lack of curiousity by Austrian Police in Fritzl case. Wh

Heard on the news this morning, Fritzl isn't going to be charged he will end up in a nuthouse :toilet:
My understanding is the particular national characteristic of lack of curiousity dates from the last war, where people kept their heads down and did not poke their noses into anyone elses business. I do not think we should be swift to judge the Austrians for this - after all it is now apparently acceptable to be a granny in your 30s in this country, to have 7 children by 5 men, to get so drunk on holiday that your children have to be temporarily taken into care.


Lantern Swinger
No doubt about though, the Austrians do seem to have the knack of only seeing what they want to see and conveniently closing their eyes when something nasty pops up.

Look at their ex leader (PM or President I can not remember) Kurt Waldhiem who went on to the UN. Here was a guy who served in the SS during the war (although give him his due he waited for a week after ennexation before he joined the Nazi Party!) and who as second in command of an area managed to persude everyone that he had no idea about the removal of thousands of Jews until after the war was over!!

The lack of curiosity may date from during the war but it could also stem from the desire to put the bad things behind them after the war, pretend it did not happen and get on with life. Do not forget that a lot of Austrians were perfectly happy to let Hitler in the first place and probably knew when it was politically expedient to keep quiet!

To a certain extend, the same attitude prevails in Holland where although they were officially taken over, there were still lots of Dutch Nazis.

I lived in Holland for over ten years and the Dutch say that the people in the south of the country are like the Belgians when it comes to child abuse and that the locals there turn a blind eye to it as well.

Re: Lack of curiousity by Austrian Police in Fritzl case. Wh

If you look around it is not too difficult to understand why nothing was noticed earlier. We have what the Germans call the "weg gucken Mentalität" the look away mentality. Over here there have been many instances of people not seeing or not wanting to see what was right in front of them, there is no reason to suppose that it is different elsewhere. There was the case some years ago of a pensioner who was found dead in a high rise block of flats, he had been dead around 7 years. More recently 2 children starved to death in a flat, their mother had simply left them locked up and gone away for a couple of weeks. The childrens attempts to attract attention failed, not because nobody noticed them, just nobody did anything despite having seen frantic waving and having heard knocking sounds day and night. So if someone is locked away underground how much easier is it to ignore the situation?


Lantern Swinger
I know I have not studied this as much as some others have but how come the wife swears that she knew nothing?

If the wife was the victim's mother did she not wonder where she was for almost 20 years? And, how come some of the kids appear to have lived a "normal" life and nobody said anything?

While I agree that it could - and does happen everywhere, and that as Brits we can be the first to throw the stones, this whole episode is simply bloody strange.



Re: Lack of curiousity by Austrian Police in Fritzl case. Wh

McC...apparently Fritz forced his daughter to write letters to her mother asking her to care for the kids she was popping out, also the forensic people working in the cellar can only remain for a short time the air is so bad, imagine what it was like for her and the kids for 20 years.
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Jack McH
During the "Cold War", Austria was neutral and it was a rare point of commonality with Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Neutrality, though, did not dissuade many Swiss and Austrians from building nuclear survival shelters in their cellars. They are quite soundpoof.

I would imagine that Frau Fritzl clearly knew her place inside the probably not too benign dictatorship and also knew to keep her beak out and mouth shut. The business of the Boss would be his alone and not open to question nor interference. I think you will find that similar family structures were known here in the early 1900s.
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