Labours achievements.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NotmeChief, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. At the spring jolly (sorry conference) labour boasted the following, but failed to mention the consequential outcome.

    There are 50 of these myths, but I'm only showing the first 25:

    1. Longest period of sustained low inflation since the 60s. - Only by removing the things that are increasing in price from the list & giving misleading figures.

    2. Low mortgage rates. - Yeh right. 'Record Numbers' of home repossessions last year and set to double this year.

    3. Introduced the National Minimum Wage and raised it to £5.52. - The only decent thing they have done.

    4. Over 14,000 more police in England and Wales. - 14,000 more in stations or raising revenue from motorists.

    5. Cut overall crime by 32 per cent. - No, increased it by 32 percent.

    6. Record levels of literacy and numeracy in schools. - Because the numbers in school have halved, the other half are on the streets chaving.

    7. Young people achieving some of the best ever results at 14, 16, and 18. - At binge drinking, getting pregnant, steeling cars, mugging old ladies and harrassing the public.

    8. Funding for every pupil in England has doubled. - It had been cut by 75 percent over the past 8 years.

    9. Employment is at its highest level ever. - By illegal immigrants and Poles.

    10. Written off up to 100 per cent of debt owed by poorest countries. - But no help for the millions of poor in this country.

    11. 85,000 more nurses. - Where did that come from. 22,000 nursing jobs have been lost in nursing cuts.

    12. 32,000 more doctors. - But not in the surgery, 50% more are on leave.

    13. Brought back matrons to hospital wards. - With no powers to make a difference because of human rights law.

    14. Devolved power to the Scottish Parliament. - So Scotland now rules England, and feathering his bed for when he is ditched at the next election.

    15. Devolved power to the Welsh Assembly. - And forced them to double their council tax by giving them less money from central funds.

    16. Dads now get paternity leave of 2 weeks for the first time. - To do what exactly?.

    17. NHS Direct offering free convenient patient advice. - It's always been free, it just allows them to claim no waiting list at surgeries.

    18. Gift aid was worth £828 million to charities last year. - Donors must pay enough UK income tax and/or capital gains tax themselves to cover the amount of tax the charity will reclaim, so not actually giving anything.

    19. Restored city-wide government to London. - What, KEN LIVINGSTONE! Thats dictatorship.

    20. Record number of students in higher education. - And record numbers leaving without achieving diplomas.

    21. Child benefit up 26 per cent since 1997. - That's only because his wife gave birth.

    22. Delivered 2,200 Sure Start Children’s Centres. - That no one can afford to use.

    23. Introduced the Equality and Human Rights Commission. - So making the biggest stomp on citizens freedom ever.

    24. £200 winter fuel payment to pensioners & up to £300 for over-80s. - But took it away again by increased inflation and no pension increases.

    25. On course to exceed our Kyoto target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. - By increasing tax revenue on fuel and having VAT on domestic gas & electricity.
  2. Provide a source, and provide some evidence to back up your claims. Until then this is really only worthy of the gash barge, but DLs will probably do.
  3. You know damned well what I have said are true - you are just acting the big bully and are obviously a Labour supporter and don't like the truth being told.

    You wont be able to hide behind 'look what I can do' tactics come the next election.
  4. Oh no. Not another 'if you don't accept what I say on face value, you must be stupid' poster.

    I read it earlier, and whilst some of it may feel close to the truth, the request for proof is hardly a gross act of bullying. Just as well say that you're just an incessent whinger than likes to complain without getting his facts right - both may be true. IF you like, I'll address each point in turn?

    I'm a Conservative supporter myself, and I can't stand Labour - saying that, I'm not going to lay all my woes at the feet of Labour just because I'm dissatisfied with their term want to scapegoat them.

    The bitterness and cynicism littering your post is as much a problem in our 'decaying society' as anything you've listed above. Don't complain for the sake of complaining.
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It IS true - the Daily Wail told him so... :roll:

    I agree; the claim cannot be substantiated without evidence, a source or link. Other than that, it's just dripping for the sake of it.

    (And by the way, my political allegiance is not relevant here; I just like to find out the facts before I make up my mind, rather than agree with you like a sycophant)
  6. I think most of what the poster has stated is fairly obvious and mainly his/her own conclusions. This being the case there will be no source to quote.
    Since when did quoting a source legitimise a posting, especially when we have those on RR who would disagree with the source purely because they disliked it (Wail & Torygraph being two of them).
    I for one support the poster in about 80% of his observations.

    This was originally headed :

    Brown says judge me on my record

    Yahoo have since retitled it to:

    Brown rallies party with social justice call

    To my mind the Labour government are a bunch of incompetent morons, however I also believe that politicians of all parties can be tarred with the same rush.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I understand the emotion and sentiment of the post, and I believe most people in RR would agree with the point of view that all is not well in the House of Brown; however when someone claims for example:

    Then figures like these need to be substantiated.
  8. I think the problem is that so many people are so negative at the moment, we really don't need people jumping on the bandwagon, making unsubstantiated claims when it really isn't necessary.

    16. Dads now get paternity leave of 2 weeks for the first time. - To do what exactly? - Was it there before? Would new father's rather have this than without? Maybe not be much compared to mother's, but it's better to spend those 2 crucial weeks with your drained wife and baby than to go straight back to work.

    21. Child benefit up 26 per cent since 1997. - That's only because his wife gave birth - Seriously...

    If he's putting up a joke - it's not in a tone to make us laugh
    If he's rallying debate - we need figures and proof to discuss.
    Anything else is just unnecessary griping.
  9. OK lets give a couple of references:

    22000 jobs lost in nursing cuts:

    NHS 'facing surgeons shortfall'

    Thousands of extra surgeons are going to be needed over the next few years to meet demand, a report warns.
    The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) said there would be a 2,760 shortfall by 2010 because of early retirement and new working practices.

    The figure amounts to 50% of the current number of surgeons and takes into account surgeons who will graduate from training in the coming years.

    OK they are not on leave but there is still going to be a 50% shortfall.

    I am sure that with the help of Google more references could be found.
  10. If you go to the link and check out their source material you will see that it is ALL THEIR OWN, with the exception of a link to WIKIPEDIA, so really how much credence can we give it.

    If However you go to the SOURCE material at the Royal College of Nurses, and the Royal college of Surgeons, you will see and read something Entirely at odds with the conclusions made by the news paper.

    Sorry to wet your fireworks but this is the sort of right wing trash which is being churned by folk with an axe to grind.. Not on of the observations put over as FACT in this post would stand up to a hill of beans, and would earn an A level student a C+..

    Rhetoric is fine, but it must stand up to Scrutiny and critical analysis, all the points made here fail on all accounts and conveys to the reader failure of rigorous reading and understanding ..

    Make that a C-


    Edited to remove typos
  11. Pinch
    Of course I have an axe to grind. In fact the majority of tax paying Britons have as axe to grind considering the way the Labour party has performed during the last 10 years.

    As for slating the Independent, I would trust their judgement above that of a Labour Party arse wiper.
  12. Some of it might be, some of it might not be, some of it is half baked ill thought out crap.

    It looks like you've cut and pasted it from the latest chain email doing the rounds, so it may have had more credibility if you'd actually presented some arguments around the statements.

    I'll refer you to the CA RoE

    If you really think that asking you to actually provide some credible material is bullying then the nanny state really has moved on a hel of a lot since I last looked.

  13. I personally think that with the amount of spin that issues
    from the Liebour government''sources'' everyone has reasons to doubt them.

    Try Iraq and the disappearing /no trace atall 45 minute WMD for starters.

    Legal reasons for invading Iraq anyone ???

    :nemo: :nemo:
  14. Whilst I loath and detest the current Labour party and would love to vilify

    them in every way possible. I too would like some substantiated facts and

    figures, not a rant.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well I'm all for a good rant....cracking post.

    You missed out the bit where Labour have successfully encouraged 600 people a day to emigrate because they're a bunch of cnuts. :thumright:

    Guys, this is Lils....not CA.
  16. bring back maggie, nothing like this shit happenned in her time. :thumright:

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