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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by mikh, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. Unite are the union where I work, it's really weird how they have become really prominent in the last year or so and actively recruiting (I haven't bothered). apparently there has always been a form you can fill in to "not" pay the £3 to the Labour Party but they don't make it easy to get hold of.

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  2. It's always worth joining, if for no other reason that one day you may need legal representation, as for opting out of the political levy, tell your branch officers it's your right to opt out if you want to and don't take any bullshit from them.

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  3. I joined for protection some years ago, opted out from any bolotics
    Unions can do a lot of good or give a lot of help as long as the power crazy bunch can get their heads out of there arres

    Had issues with a past bod, totally amazing when replying to one of HR emails I copied my local union officer, their tune change instantly with the comment did not know you were in a Union, my reply was, why should it matter, the rules of employment should be the same? so obviously having a bit of clout behind you helps.
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  4. It seems that this is heading into unplanned territory. My original post was to highlight the discrepancy between the liebour party stating there was no case to answer only 5 months ago and now staying there was no doubt the vote was rigged.

    I back the principal of union membership, although the leadership of many unions have strong political agendas, which they use the union to promote, which to my mind is often at the cost of the membership.
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  5. Not to mention the days when the unions were openly trying to overthrow liberal democracy in the UK. As you rightly say those "strong political agendas" have never been anything other than a mechanism for the middle class to supplant the upper class by exploiting the working class.
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  6. Never been in a trade union in my life..............not going to start now.
  7. Me neither, much to my retired steelworker father's (however lifelong Tory) disgust! :)

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  8. Excuse me if I'm misreading that flaggers, but that appears to be something from which you derive some pride.
  9. I joined my union cause I got a free pen. But reading up on it after it seems worthwhile in the job I do. Did i mention the free pen?
  10. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I couldn't get a free pen because I wouldn't sign up there and then so I deduce they aren't free pens.
  11. Not really Guzz, I've managed to stay in full time employment/self employment since 1973 up to my retirement in 2006 without the need or desire to belong to a trade union. Doesn't mean I'm 'anti' union. Don't forget I come from a long line of bolshi Yorkshire miners, I've seen all sides....the good the bad and the ugly.
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  12. Free ID lanyard only :( and as I wear either an RN or RNA one (depends how I feel, and to piss the ex crabs off) it would be wasted.

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  13. Fair one - just wondered. Regardless of my political leaning I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about unions regardless, as I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have lost my job four years ago had I been a member of one, and didn't hesitate to join one when I returned to employment (happily soon after).
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  14. I got a lanyard as well but do not need to wear any form of ID or carry a card with swipe access to work; i feel like my money has gone to waste on receiving such a useless thing. However the free pen eradicates the disssgust i feel, and the discount off my car insurance for being a member!
  15. Ahh now your talking, if I can get the Honda Clitoris insured cheaper I might consider it :)

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  16. I've been a union member for years, not because I have to be ,but as a HGV driver should I ever have the misfortune to be in an RTA I'll get a barrister who's a road incident expert free of charge. I've always opted out of paying the political levy and I'm glad to see that the latest idea is that each member now has to opt in if he or she wishes to sponsor a cretin in the Labour party.
  17. In my honest opinion the union members of today are dinosaurs, teachers, firemen, police, civil service et al are living in the past, pensions, pay rises are none existent in the private sector at the moment and have been for the last 7 years, most of the people in this sector would give their right arm to have the job security and index linked pensions these people have. Me I'm lucky, did my time and got a decent pension but now working for myself, everyday could be my last working day and in this current climate competition and meeting targets is crucial. To anyone in the Public sector get fcuking real if you don't like it step outside the box and see the real world. 10+ weeks holiday a year as a teacher, few weeks off sick for stress but still getting paid ffs, enjoy while you can, it isn't going to last much longer.
  18. There is more to a union than 'protecting pensions' etc, people who work directly with the public have a lot to gain from being in a union should the proverbial ever hit the fan (or someone make an accusation that it has...) With or without a union someone can be signed off sick with stress via a Doctors sicknote anyway, so that doesn't make much of a difference!

    Edited to add: I don't particularly rate unions, if other people aren't members it doesnt bother me haha- quite liked when I worked in a school having a few random days off for strikes mind.
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