Labour Planning To Brief Against Gen Dannatt?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seadog, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    According to the Telegraph

    If they do, they'll be found out and all roads leading to London will be toppers with outrage buses.
  2. Bring it on! The General's retiring at the end of August, the politicians have all legged it out of parliament for the summer, let a government in its dying breaths do its worst.

    Most of the seniors do it on retirement, so I'm not sure what the government's worrying about... being found out just before an election, perhaps?
  3. I just read this over on ARRSE and the opinion over there is probably the same as here. Bring it on Brown et al the General is a man of integrity and i bet he sleeps well in his bed at night with a clear conscience!!
  4. Fecking Ministers!

    Everytime I watch the news a new Minister pops up.

    If we had a chopper for every minister that has been created since this shite govt came into power things would be a lot better I am a thinking!!
  5. My old TA boss works very closely with Dannatt at the MoD as one of his staff officers - and yes, he's a ferociously intelligent, highly religious incredibly moral man, - woe betide any officer under him who has an affair, so yes I should imagine he does sleep incredibly soundly, and more importantly won't be browbeaten by the politicos
  6. Dont think the Goverment is worried about being found out, they HAVE been found out.
    The General is quite right having a go at this disaster of a government. We need senior personnel to stand up to these idiots and get the best for our troops, all of them regardless of service. He will not be scared of a bunch of winging no-hopers when he has the truth and the weight of public opinion on his side.
    Let the Government try and have a go I say then steamroller them and make them look like the fools they are Rant over :)
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    IIRC (from reading-not beig there) General von Fritsch (CGS) gave the Partei of Government both barrels in the 1930s especially when the Fuehrer wanted to commit an army less than fully prepared to war. Heydrich instigated a smearex which had the desired effect (for Hitler) of forcing von Fritch to resign.

    Although this general is retiring so resignation isn't an issue there are parallels. Which one of Braun's henchmen is playing Heydrich?

    Plus ca change.
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    CDS (!) on the lunchtime news saying he was 'busting a gut' to get more helicopters out to Af. and hoped to have more out there by the end of the year. (a) very slight change of tune without criticising Govt and (b) no rush then, five months more won't hurt. Did not impress. No comment on the 8 Chinook hangar queens.
  9. Look what happened to Heydrich......maybe he and Mandie'son are related?
  10. Before we all get too carried away with “what an ace bloke Gen Dicky isâ€, don’t forget his recent master plan;

    and, wait for it,

    He ruined my bloody brecky this morning.
  11. I do wonder why the good general has waited until now to compile his shopping list?
  12. Of course Jock Stirrup would want more helicopters he's an RAF man. Gives them even more reason to exist. Replacing the Sea King fleet would be a good bloody start by adding helicopters capable of lifting more than a couple of chaps.
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    finknottle wondered
    Maybe a previous shopping list was rejected by 'Field Marshal' Broon

  14. Seadog, you could well be right.
  15. I couldn't help but notice that the mk3 chinooks are apparently unable/having difficulty integrating with our apparently more 'archaic' ssytems hence reams of complicated wiring looms are being removed in order to get them operable. Apparently, these were designed for special operations predominantly (or merely at best, should they be needed as such) and consequently were designed to be uber hi-tech.

    It seems bizaare to have these amazingly hi-tech Chinooks festering away awaiting stripping of all things! Merely to integrate with our systems.. Procurement revisions?

    More on-topic, should the man be the man reputed here I will look forward to any future revelations to add to the pile of the current Governments' shortcomings.
  16. Last night Defence committee questions, (I'll try and find it), they asked if the toops are safe to go by road, why does Brown always travel by helo when he is out there.

    I jumped up and down with yes, yes until my misses told me to shut up.

    P.S. He didn't answer that either.
  17. What are we going to replace it with? Merlin? I wouldn't hold your breath, it doesn't like hot and high.
  18. Now an ex SofS has come out suggesting that ministers have a "fundamental responsibility" to give the military the equipment it wants.

    Wow. A member of the Labour party going public and siding with the military. OK, so he might well say that now he's out of power, but perhaps Hutton has also exposed the nature of the Cabinet machinery - i.e. Defence doesn't show up on the radar and non-entities sit there to nod in agreement with whatever's decided (after all, name a memorable SofS. Portillo?).

    I do have a slight niggle. Whilst I sympathise with the equipment requests from theatre, the budget is finite and I fear that history is going to repeat itself as the government/MOD/Armed Forces spend all the cash on the current conflict and neglect the next. I hope the next set of planning rounds start being more upfront about how expensive the Defence of the Realm is these days. We can't throw all our cash at Afghanistan to find our next skirmish is back in the South Atlantic looking after the Falklands again.
  19. If I recall correctly, those MK3s have software problems that we can't solve because our valued "Cousins" won't give us access to the codes.

    This gives a hint;


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