Labour Party in Election Borrowing Crisis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fcukwits
  2. What, have they run out of peerages to sell?
  3. I suspect that since the last investigation one there are few who really would be prepared to buy from them, and second in the present climate would the cover up work quite as well.
  4. I'm sure that the Sweaty Socks will be reaching into their sporrans for a donation or two. As the biggest beneficaries of NueLiebour largesse in these Sceptered Isles they might see their reserved tartan clad seats on the gravy train being taken away.

    Och Aye!!! :thumbleft:

  5. Oh we are becoming a real little xenophobe aren't we. The level of support for Labour in Scotland has fallen so far over the last 5 years it will be a miracle if they can affort to fund a full campaign in Scotland this time.
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Usualy if-we-get-in-your company-will-get-lots-of-contracts and the usual peerage do the trick but punters may prefer the firm that is more likely to be able to deliver.
  7. I fancy a peerage and if invited to donate by ANY political Party I would happly chuck a few quid into the kitty - but no more than that mind because my wife only lets me have enough for a beer from time to time and, frankly, the decision between a peerage and a pint nowadays is a pretty close run thing.
  8. Poisoned Chalice :wink:
  9. Thanks for the link JFH but "Lord of the Manor" isn't the same as "Peer of the Realm" - a bit like Tesco Gin versus Gordon's - some people will be fooled ...
  10. Mind you with the daily exes and subsidised drinking it may well be a good investment

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