Labour Election Fraud Causes Barking Council By-Election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by geordie_dan, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. Election fraud committed by the Labour Party has forced its newly-elected for the Goresbrook Ward in Barking to resign and force a by-election.

    The ward previously held by British National Party GLA member Richard Barnbrook, was contested by the Labour candidate while he was still a council employee. Such open party allegiance is forbidden under council rules.

    The Labour candidate's employment record was uncovered as part of an ongoing investigation into election fraud in Barking being conducted by Mr Barnbrook.
  2. Nobody's interested in your nasty little pressure group so why don't you give it a rest?
  3. Nasty? what is so nasty about it? And why do you call it a pressure group when they have people elected at the European parliament and in councils and assemblies up and down the country?

    Are you aware at what a pressure group is?

    After all you have no comment to make about the Labour party committing acts of Fraud in Barking.
  4. "Barking Council By-election" certainly rings true. The Labour hopeful could not have been ignorant of the rules. Is Bobby Mugbe sending observers for the re-run?
  5. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Big deal. I'd take a Cabinet full of Geoff Hoons, Gordon Browns, Tony Blairs and Hazel Bears's before I have one BNP ****** with his or her hands on the levers of power.

    Trot along, eh?

  6. I guess if you think that perverting the democratic process to keep out your political opposition is acceptable than at least your willing to admit it.
  7. * There are currently more than 50 cases of electoral fraud under investigation in Barking, mostly consisting of multiple voter registrations at identical residences.
  8. At first I thought you were just a misguided fool who despite having the grace to show face in support of your troglodite hermer politico masqueraders, needed firm education in the real world.

    Now I have decided you are an odious spamming clown who gives the North-East a bad name. I can't wait until you pedal this shite during phase 1, presuming you get that far.
  9. spamming? no.
  10. Just ignore her.
  11. No no it's a untermensch it's every word will condemn it for the prol it is. :p

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