Labour Election Campaign Own Goal


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Dr Goebbel's Ministry have shot themselves in the foot with their latest campaign. In a 'no return to the 80s' theme, they compare David Cameron to DCI Gene Hunt as if that's a bad thing.

The Conservatives have warmed to the theme.

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Isn't it great? The Labour party are skint so have "employed" the talents of it's activists to come up with slogans etc, the chosen ones then get sent to saatchi and saatchi or who ever for a final polish. The dopey sod who came up with this was 24 years old, he has as much knowledge of the 80's as I have of Cherie Blair's crutch, and it seems a similar level of interest into finding out what actually occupies that place.

For a party on their chinstraps funding the Tories must be a bitter pill to swallow, Gene Hunt is a legend, spectacular own goal.


Shocker, the self proclaimed "party of the people" showing itself as massively out of touch with the populous yet again.

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I saw this on Sky News yesterday and had to chuckle. They were interviewing people in the street and the vast majority of them actually liked the advert. And why not? Gene Hunt is a legend is he not? Labour idiots.


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Plus it looks as if both of them are in breach of the Copyright Laws! Seems they didn't ask permission off the photographer who took the picture in the first place, then they changed it, all outlawed by their own laws! **** wits!!

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