Labor wins government.

Discussion in 'International' started by Jack77, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Well, after 11 years Labor has finally managed to win government in Australia. If the promises can be believed a withdrawal from Iraq will commence fairly soon and the more odious bits of the new industrial relations laws will be repealed. Apart from that it should be business as usual. The only worrying aspect being the possibility that the Greens get control of the Senate. If that happens we could be in deep shit.
  2. After the attitude and face of the former Australian PM at the Rugby World Cup presentation in Oz, nobody over here will miss him too much.
  3. Right, so you voted for Tony Blair, suddenly those ads for the RAN in the Navy News become alot less attractive!

    Will Australian Labor continue the Australian Navy's new purchases? Or will they follow British Labour and shrink the Navy?
  4. Holly shit! Yawn!!! We are Royal Navy. Grow a pair and post something to do with the RN! If you feel the need to question other nation’s politics the feel free to join the Peace Corps. Uni degree in something useful to the RN me thinks not.
  5. Yeah except this is International! As in not our Nation but those other countries we share this planet with! Sorry for giving a damn about a country that ours has such close ties with!

    Grow a set of eyeballs and read the forum area first eh? For the record I have no degree!
  6. Correct, you are correct. Please accept my apologies, indeed this site is international. But why do I remember all those jolly cross pols with the Australian Navy and other commonwealth Navies in the gulf, oh such fun we had!
  7. I'll accept your apologies if you could pardon my ignorance, but; a cross pol?
  8. In the broad strokes, its when two or more ships of different nationalities are on station for a few days or weeks, at some point an opportunity will arise for some of the ships company to “cross pollinate†or visit the other ship. In which time they will learn how the other half works and so bring a broader understanding to the day to day life on a war canoe.
  9. Ahh I understand, had heard of it just not by that name, I hear the Yanks are very keen to get on an RN Warship, I wonder is that because we still allow Beer? Surely not!
  10. Correct again. The yanks are always gagging for a cross pol to the RN. And forget what you hear about the yanks being twats, it’s just not true. Yes they come to our ships and inevitably end up in a JRs mess, going back to USS sudden death in less than tip top condition. But on the other hand our boys get a day of dounuts, ice cream and the latest Hollywood blockbuster, As well as seeing all the latest gadgets that money can buy. It really is win win with the yanks. Just don’t get in a round with them ashore and expect them to keep up.
  11. Do the Yanks still have Cinderella leave, back on board for midnight?

    I remember when the price of everything came down at 0001 and the almight dollar was no longer available for bar/brothel/rabbit hutch owner.
  12. Back on topic, how much of a difference are you expecting to see in your day-to-day life Jack?
  13. [quote="Lamri

    Back on topic, how much of a difference are you expecting to see in your day-to-day life Jack?[/quote]

    Probably not a lot. The election was fought mainly on industrial relations and economic issues and the fact that the Liberals had begun to get too complacent in office. Defence, foreign policy etc. got barely a mention, with the exception of withdrawal from Iraq if Labor won. Kevin Rudd has already said he will keep the current policy of mandatory detention for illegal immigrants, and no word as yet on the current defence purchases, but not much is expected to change there. The only real dramas could come if the Greens get the balance of power in the Senate, however its hoped that the government and opposition would combine to reduce their influence if they start getting too stroppy.

    What is interesting is that for the first time since federation there are Labor governments in all the states and territories as well as federally. Also John Howard is set to be the first PM to lose his seat since 1929.
  14. I just hope that the Aussie brand of Labour is not quite as insane (is that a fair reduction/contraction?) as our lot own home brand who have set about messing up most areas of government to an almost unprecedented degree despite what they said they'd do over a decade ago (as if you didn't already know).

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