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Justifiable concern in my opinion. As a father of three I feel that there is far too much pressure for children to act grown up a lot quicker than they should.
Why can't our children be children any more?
If the underwear illustrations in the article are typical, this looks like pretty inoffensive stuff. I have 2 daughters, even if they are no longer in the age groups that this stuff is aimed at, but I'd have been happy enough for them to make a nod towards fashion by buying this. If we were talking about thongs and the like it would be different, but there's plenty of that about, anyway!
fine by me too (as a father of two young'uns) if they had offensive slogans, open crotch, pep-holes etc etc then that may be a tad too far,

bright colours do no harm - i fthey did then my boxers would cause offence to -

apparently they do according to Mrs SS
I've reserved judgement so far because to be honest i'm not sure.

I have two young un's and part of me thinks that the items shown are no worse than a swimming costume.

I was out walking with my two kids, wife, mother and dog this weekend. We walked along the canal, river through woods and beside a train track. All the way me and my mum were reminiscing about where we both used to play as children and i commented on how sad it is that my kids will probably never get to do things like that because i dont believe its safe these days.

At twelve years old i used to get on my bike at 0800 with my fishing tackle and some butties and my parents wouldnt see me again til gone 2100.
In my days you had a simple choice of white or blue Y-fronts if you were a boy and navy blue keks if you were a girl. I can't see the point in any change from this... after all it is UNDERwear! :roll:
Like Trehorn there were days when my parents rrely saw me, and with my mates we roamed far from home. Equally after the first term at school I travelled on the tram or bus to school by myself unless my father was going into work at the right time. My own kids had reasonable freedom even though we lived for many years inside the escapee warning system for broadmoor.

Kids always want to grow up whether or not we like it. They see older people in their view having more fun more freedom etc so it is not surprising the little darlings want to mimic their elders. Mind you in the past this was done with the dressing up box etc.

I agree the undies shown seem relatively unoffensive, perhaps it is more to do with the fact La Senza makes a thing about selling sexy undies thus guilt by association rather than reality.
I don't see this as being too much of a problem either. I mean, it doesn't look any worse that you see for sale in other shops on the high street. At the end of the day if a parent is concerned they don't actually have to buy this stuff.

Not sure about the goods in the UK La Senza, but the one here tends to stock some eyebrow raising items for kids under the age of 10. Some of the items would have me blushing if I had to shop for them for myself.

However, that said there is also a distinct lack of choice for kid's clothing that finds a medium between Builder Bob undies and silk boxers for boys and Barbie Princess undies and lace and satin for girls. I think La Senza has tried to fill that gap by offering items that make a child feel a little less like a toddler with their pull ups and more a growing child. Somewhere though, the designers have forgot that age appropriate items also need to be offered and not just scaled down mini adult items.

(thank goodness the granddarlings are still into spidey and barbie undies)
Is this stuff alluring and provocative? doesn’t look like it. Is it going to inflame the passions of kiddy fiddlers? probably not. So what’s wrong with it?

Well, allegedly, it’s a “designer labelâ€. At what age does that point register in the minds of females? I don’t know but I know it does. Is this not making the little Miss fashion conscious at a somewhat impressionable age? Even if little Miss isn’t bothered with Fashion, isn’t it possible that she is still bothered with “peer pressureâ€? “Yah boo, Jade’s a baby; she wears Ladybird pantsâ€!

This has all the building blocks for creating a yet younger generation of Chavettes; more concerned with appearing trendy and grown up than they are with getting on with childhood. Aren’t parents bothered about the pressure from below to spend good (and perhaps scarce) money on overpriced fashion tat? When little Miss has got her fashionable undies, is she likely to want to show them off?

We inherit the society we construct for ourselves.

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