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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by awolgeorge, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. need help any 3 badge men out there got a bar to there lsgc and was serving in the silver jubilee year carnt be many of us a bout as we would or could have silver gold and diamond jubilee medal (when its issued) :-D:-D

  2. I have the LS & GC and bar and was on Defiance in '77 during the jubilee celebrations but didn't get the medal. Now outside so won't get the next one, oh dear, how sad!
  3. Your posts are very confusing as, in another post, you have given the impression that you are no longer serving. In all honesty you don't really come across as someone who has just served 35 years, so I think you may be a mental.

    Not you Wrecker...well, come to think of it I suppose some of that fits :-D
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  4. BZ to you, and all those entitled to it.

    IIRC as soon as the clasp to the LS & GC Medal was intro'd it was immediately siezed upon by Jack as being a 'bar'. This has always made me chuckle.

    Don't get me wrong, I concede it's much easier to say 'bar', especially if you have a lithp :wink:
  5. It's the shittiest bit of tin you've ever seen but you get a rosette to go on the ribbon (and yes, it is a clasp, smart arse :-D)
  6. You have a bar?

    Whats your address?
  7. I don't wear a dress, I was submarines not Royal Marines.
  8. Owh you wabbit wascal woo
  9. well thanks for your comments but i have a bar to my LSGC still serving as well
  10. I don't get this.
    To get the silver medal you would need to be 20 minimum, 15 to join and 5 to qualify.
    To get the gold as well you are now 45.
    The Diamond would make it 55.
    I was under the impression you had to leave at 55. And you would have had to join on your 15th birthday, if you leave on your 55th or else you could not do it.
    If I am wrong please tell me how it can be accomplished.
    Confused of Crickelwood.
  11. FTRS or MPGS would be one way plus getting extensions if your RNR.
  12. Before my time, but I'm serving with a guy who joined in '73 and my old man was around at the time of the diamond jubilee medal. My understanding is that it was given to a limited number of guys from each mess, often on a name out the hat, and didn't depend on time done.
  13. IIRC Silver was 2 per ships company and all Commanders and above.
    Gold was everyone with 5 years or more service
    Diamond probably anyone who hasn't got their notice in or being made redundant so back to the beginning , 2 per ships company and Commanders and above.
  14. Diamond anyone with at least 5 full years service like the golden
  15. you get your LSGC after 15 years from age of 18 so the bar is given to to at 48 years old
  16. From age 17.5 surely or date of joining, whichever is the later, at least that is the way I remember it
  17. I was taking the piss and attempting a bit of sarcasm, obviously failed. . *note to self..must use emoticons*
  18. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Don't do that mucker. Keep them guessing.
  19. Got my bar but too fcuking lazy to put it on the ribbon
    Three that count
    Falklands 82
    Gulf 1
    Gulf 2
    The rest just added weight on Remembrance Day

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