L/Cpl Beharry V.C. criticises NHS PTSD care

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by dunkers, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Beharry got a V.C for next to nothing, what he done was merely what he was trained to do and what every soldier should have done. At the most he should have got a M.C for it, I mean when you go beyond enemy lines when under fire, turn around an enemy machine gun post and use it against them so your opos can get out of a heavy assault then you deserve a V.C - Not for driving in a HEAVILY ARMOURED VEHICLE while under fire... if he done anything else it would of been cowardly!!

    Me and my dad were talking about this the other day and its just like they are being handed out like cookies nowdays.
  2. Being handed out like cookies are they??
    Have you read the citation of..
    Cpl Bryan Budd VC ....http://www.victoriacross.org.uk/bbbudd.htm

    What about the countless occasions of late where amazing feats of gallantry have gone unrewarded for example the 3 lads hanging off the Apache to retrieve the body of Lance corporal Ford RM.

    I could bleat on all fecking day, I won't, Your bang out of order.
  3. Mr Brave sat behind his keyboard. :evil:
  4. Stupid boy pike!!!
  5. Heard both him and Dannatt on R4 this morning, good to get the issue in the open more than it is now. Combat Stress do good work, as do RBL, but they're both overstretched and they shouldn't need to.

    My only gripe was Dannatts comments about the ongoing effort in Afghanistan, essentially ignored the RN and much of the RAF effort.
  6. Oh how this post makes me seeth now I know after 5 seconds of research into you that you only managed 7 months out of the fecking box!
    A fukcing gopping perse sprog who never had the minerals to crack minimum service has the gonads to come on here and knock all gallantry medal winners from V.C's downwards.
    There should be a seperate thread started for whether or not you can be branded as a Walt!
    It's definately up for debate.
  7. That's right mate. Sit at home in your comfortable fcuking armchair and berate better men than you. Men enduring a hard slog in the desert, losing limbs and the soundness of their minds. How gratifying it must be to go through that and return to discover their efforts have been in the name of children like yourself who have taken it upon themselves to be judge-and-jury as to whom is entitled to the VC.

    I would expect your childlike diatribe of a ten year old boy. I ought to furiously condemn your lack of moral fibre and manifold other things that need correcting before you attempt to join the Royal Navy, but you really aren't worth it. Just stow your gob, eh?
  8. If you are also the author of this post elsewhere on RR, I can tell you here and now that your crass and immature remarks above demonstrate that you lack the necessary CDF, ethos, outlook and moral fortitude to become a CD in the RN (or anything else for that matter), no matter how much of a muscle bosun you are. So I advise you not to bother.
  9. ignoring our fcukwit pal and getting back to the thread,this bit is typical of nue labier,

    What the fcuk will new research do for folks who are suffering now ? By all means do the research or a google or what ever ,but why not use the tools that are there right now? that shite from Defence Minister Kevan Jones is an excuse for doing nothing.
  10. Please don't join the RN! Although it would appear that you have managed to pass some kind of entrance formalities, the senior Service does not need berks like you. Johnson Beharry is a dignified lad, who has never made any secret of his own view that he does not deserve the VC, but he is qualified to make that judgement. You are not and you sully this site by your gratuitous insult.
  11. BZ Beharry!
  12. You need to have a bit more respect you knobber I don't usually get involved in rediculous comments like this but as an ex pongo of 8 years who was lucky enough to serve with the PWRR I can tell you that they are simply awesome and comments like yours are not only unfounded but you need a good kicking. Maybe you need to do a bit more research before opening your trap in future.
  13. Now this is bang out of order. Even if he thinks he should not of got it, its still a really brave thing to do. His been out there, have you? Until you have then you can comment. If you cant respect them, dont join! i dont want you to be my oppo, if this is how u act.
  14. Sorry I put that accross abit wrong after re-reading it there. I didn't mean to disrespect anyone who has won medals as of late, what I meant was more that the things that the medals are being given out for nowdays is no where near the extent of how it was back in the day and what they were awarded for then. Hence why I said that maybe he should have got a M.C for his bravery, not a V.C!! The highest form of gallantry/bravery award.

    For those saying about my time HM Forces, it wouldn't matter whether I'd have just done 22 or been a civvie and said that.. its just a view on what the people are being awarded the medals for.. and in my opinion, thiis case with Beharry or even the case with the guys hanging from the chopper, it just doesnt even compare to some of the things that have happened and were rewarded with very much less.

    They named the cook house in ITC Catterick after Beharry also, I just think it was given much more than other cases.
  15. They named the cook house in ITC Catterick after Beharry also, I just think it was given much more than other cases.[/quote]

    That said, there not gonna name a cook house at hms railegh beharry. Are they?
  16. Whats that got to do with anything? Its the fact that they named it after him is the point im making.
  17. What the fuck has that got to do with anything?
  18. If you read, i never said you didnt say it was brave!!

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