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War Hero
Pretty certain it's gone now that One for One exchange of kit has come in (been around for quite a few years now).

Officers, on the other hand, don't qualify for the one for one scheme and still retain the old style tax relief system.



Lantern Swinger
andym said:
KUA,is it still in existence?If so how much is it these days.

KUA was withdrawn on 1 April 1992, since this date all kit (for Ratings) is exchanged on a one for one basis.

You can even go into slops once a month and get 2 pairs of socks for free. Saves dhobying them!!!!!


War Hero
Exactly how much of the £7.50 a month KUA did you spend on kit then, Andy?
:oops: Not a lot, I can remember in the early 60's the mark of a "salt" was how many patches you had on your No8 trousers or shirt. Some of them were more patch than trousers. :roll:

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