Korean War Veterans


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Dear fellow Veteran
Are you aware that the BKVA left funds to the Royal British Legion ,( present value £152,253,92 ) ,which were ringfenced for the sole use of ex Korean War Veterans and their families in times of hardship.
This is YOUR money and very few Veterans have taken advantage of its benefits.
Do you need wheelchairs , reclining chairs, mobile buggy's , replacement washing machines , cookers . Do you need help with making your home disabled friendly. etc etc ?
Help is there to offset some of these costs but YOU have to apply for this help !
In the first instance , contact either SSAFA , your local branch of the RBL or your Regimental HQ and advise them to make a claim directly from our fund at the RBL.

The contact is Chris Hardley , the Restricted Fund Officer ,TRBL 0n Email [email protected] or Direct line 0203 207 2183.
. You can probably obtain details of your local SSAFA Representative on the Internet or Citizens Advice Centre if your local RBL branch cannot help.

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