Komputer klues/blues

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by hobbit, May 21, 2006.

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  1. This is a second attempt to start a poll regarding the introduction of a section all about the new technology. This to involve any problems with PCs or peripherals. new S/W-H/W. warnings about new bugs out to trap the unwary cybmariner, anything to solve problems, give help whatever this could be useful with the chat room. Recommend new gadgets, just a big think tank with new ideas etc.Simple yes or no, easy, innit,

  2. I'll start the ball rolling with a recent experience involving a web cam. I bought a Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 that had very good specs and all I needed with a few extra gadgets and novelties. Excellent chat room capabilities with built in mic etc . Then I installed it and my other programs went bananas. I then checked the machine on the web and found big probs with the drivers from others who had bought the machine. Logitech have proved somewhat indifferent to the many expressions of concern and disappointed purchasers and other Logitech items are also presenting driver problems it seems. With their S/W there is something akin to spy/adware installed and this, in addition to spying, runs in the background slowing down the P/C. That's my interpretation of the situation anyway,
    p****d off purchaser

  3. I've got a Logitech cam as well, but I've never had any of the problems you just described.
    Mine is a Quick-cam Orbit MPV robotic model, with automatic face tracking, which is creepy, because when active, it follows me every where I go in the room 8O .
    Most of the issues I've had with it come from my connection speed, being a dial up user, everything happens at half speed.
  4. That's interesting about the model you have and you're fortunate having no problems as from what I read on the web, about Logitech, drivers are a major issue with a few unhappy buyers. I think your model is the more expensive but I wanted the type that sits on my LCD monitor. Yes , with my model, so many other programmes stopped working and the card reader drive I have just didn't even flicker. Uninstall and all well but I'll keep trying to get this SOB working because it's the best performing web-cam I've seen with the bonus of built in mic, although they supply a head set as well,

  5. To be honest, there are many specialist forums dealing with computer problems. These would be much better locations for queries/problems with IT.

    As always with any problem - remember Google is your friend.

    P.S Typing in bold .........
  6. Yeah I'm with bad CO on this. I worked in IT for a few years but I would hesitate to offer assistance today as things change so quickly.

    On the subject of Logitech kit though, I have not had a webcam but a keyboard I had always gave problems !
  7. Hobbit, can you stop sending your messages in BOLD font. Think most of us can read the normal font quite easily. ;-)
  8. I don't have any top tips to offer but would welcome advice. I'll be heading off to the sandbox shortly and will have access to a PC / the internet.

    I'd welcome advice on anything that will enable me to communicate cheaply & regularly with my family - ie - mobile phone deals, phone cards (to supplement the OWP variety), etc. Is there anyway of actually speaking to someone back in the UK using the net and paying normal net connection rates, rather than the expense & restrictions of telephoning?
  9. I have a logitech quickcam communicate stx,built i mic,no problems at all great bit of kit
  10. Try skype free from www.skype.com failing that a Letter might help. :lol: :lol:
  11. Apparently,depending where you are, if you get a local simcard in KC which will work in southern Iraq, and is cheaper. I did'nt bother. To be honest, unless you're a real chatterbox, the OWP and the occasional £10 card from the EFI will be sufficient. The easy access I had to t'internet was a real bonus. It was a real eyeopener to contrast how the army can manage to provide web access in that enviroment, with the situation on a pussers war canoe.
  12. andym - thanks mate. The skype thing looks promising and I'll investigate further.

  13. I use SKYPE daily it has knocked itself of line occasionly but it does beat paying long distance phone bills

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