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KNOWN ISSUE - Chatroom and Firefox 2

Bad CO

There is a known issue with Firefox 2 and the Chatroom:

Symptom: If you log in to the chatroom having previously logged out then you may not be able to see anyone else in there despite the fact they can see you.

Cure: This can be cured by clearing your private data using the keys [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Del] pressed together and then clearing your cache. Optionally on the menu bar: Tools>Clear Private Data

More details - if anyone is interested!
I've had a PM from him - there are also a couple of ARRSE users in the same position. Unfortunately I don't have a cure yet!
Potential solutions are:

Tools>Internet Options>Clear History
Tools>Internet Options>Delete Files
Tools>Internet Options>Delete Cookies
I am on AOL. Since i joined RR and since the chatroom started, i have had no problems at all till last night, as we know i have the problem you explained but i do not have Firefox, but i cannot get into the chatroom as normal from the RR front page.i can however go onto internet explorer and go in from there with no problem.But as i have other things on AOL its not convenient, hope this makes sense.
Just confirm the problem is with the link that you click on?

If you click on any of the links on the front page then you end up unable to see any other users in the chatroom?

If on the other hand you start off outside the site and then just put the URL to the chatroom into your browser you can get in ok?

In both cases do you get the log in screen?

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