Knowledge Please?

Need a bit of advice from some of the fitness-inclined members please gents! (Or at the very least somebody who can blag enough to sound like they know what they're talking about)

Basically, in preparation for the PJFT, is it best to take a rest day from the gym before hand, or carry on as usual, or focus on a cardio exercise, etc.

I know that cardio muscles and abs rep in 24 hours as opposed to the other muscles 48, but I've got another practice PJFT and upper body set planned for the day before the PJFT, and could do with somebody telling me whether or not my body will be at its' optimum the day after?

Merci Buckets
Personally from advice I've been given and from experience, I'd have a rest day from running the day before a race (treat the PJFT as a race as it is you against time).

Give your legs a day to rest allowing the legs to be fully ready for the run the next allowing you to put in the best performance you want.

Nothing stopping you from going for a swim or doing any other cardio but I recommend resting the legs.

That's my personal opinion from experience
I'm with Tommmo on this one. If you really want to do well, just postpone your upper body sesh until after your PJFT. It probably won't really make any difference to be honest (as long as you keep it light-ish), but better to be on the safe side and concentrate 100% on nailing the PJFT. Also, agreed, probably not the best preparation doing a practice PJFT the day before.


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I'd postpone the upper body work for sure.

As for the practice run, I suppose it depends on how fast you are already. If you don't know that you can pass already then the gain from finding out may well outweigh the risk of fatigue/injury. If you already know that you can pass then I wouldn't bother.

My PJFT is tomorrow and I already know for sure that I can pass so my preparation was a dry run on Friday, a long jog on Sunday to keep everything working right and then rest yesterday and today.
I did my pjft a couple of weeks ago, have a day off everything the day before. Then when you do it just use all that excess energy on the run to completely smash it. Thats what I did anyway.

Good Luck.


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am going on the preperation course next week mate got to do me pjft again there, this week have been doing 3 miles a day going to build it up toward end of the week have rest day sat swiming sunday, good advise make sure you have got a good pair of runing trainers not worse then runing in trainys that are not good for runing in as i found out the hard way. amd make sure your eating right no big meals for runing make sure you get your protein in you after runing to repair your self faster.
StixJimboRM said:
tommo said:
StixJimboRM said:
Its only a 2.4 k run FFS! It's not like he's running a 1/2 or full marathon for a world record time. :roll:
But to some it may seem like that :lol:
noi sympathy from this callsign I'm afraid. They are, mostly, youngsters and should be able to piss it, IMHO.
Most should yep fully agree fella with you fella.
For some reputation points from Stix, it is the marine PJFT, and whilst I have passed a few test runs, just being able to pass has never sat well with me, I want to shine through every stage of the application, and thus need to know my body is at it's best if that makes sense.

It seems wise indeed to take the rest day, and like it has been said, missing one session will hardly mean a lot in the grand scale of things. Thank you for the quick response guys, and best of luck to you with yours Toucan!

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