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Not only can you now knit yourself your very own bootneck, but you can also knit one to send to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund, so come on, cast on!

(I know that some of you can knit …..)

(If you can’t, you almost certainly know a knitter who would love to help with this project).

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund (RN&RMCF), the only charity dedicated to supporting children whose parents work for the Naval Services, is looking for knitters to volunteer their time and their spare wool to create small dolls for the charity.

As part of a sensitive new 2013 initiative called ‘Knit the Family’ the charity is focusing on the importance of knitting families back together when one of the parents returns from active military service. Central to the initiative will be a support handbook aimed at providing practical help and guidance for the family in helping to overcome the effects of PTSD and OSR (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Operational Stress Reaction).

The charity is planning to distribute the book with the little knitted dolls that depict a generic parent and child holding hands to symbolise the importance of ‘knitting’ families back together…. But to do this they need volunteers to knit the small dolls.

Full details including the patterns can be found here:

Materials Needed | RNRMCF

Royal Marine Doll | RNRMCF

Royal Navy Doll | RNRMCF

Little Girl Doll 2 | RNRMCF

Laughing Hens, the knitting website for all your knitting needs has kindly offered a 10% discount to those buying wool or other items to knit the small dolls when quoting ‘RNRMCF’ at the checkout.

Knitting patterns, yarns, fabrics, sewing, quilting, patchwork, and accessories

The pattern for the dolls has been specially created by Fiona Goble, who published ‘Knit your own Royal Wedding’ in 2011 with Ivy Press Ivy Press is an innovative publisher and packager of creative, highly illustrated books and stationery | Ivy Press Limited who have kindly donated the pattern to the RN&RMCF. Fiona Goble and Ivy Press have also published books such as Knit Your Own Zombie, Fairy Tale Knits and and recently a pattern to ‘Knit Your Own Royal Baby’.

Monique Bateman, Director of RN&RMCF says:

“People are always incredibly generous towards our charity because everyone recognises the sadness, especially for children, caused by disharmony in the home. Returning service personnel have much to contend with as do their families and what we are trying to achieve is a more seamless reintegration into family life. The little dolls are rich in symbolism and we desperately need volunteers to click their needles for us”.

If you think you can help by knitting a parent and child, please send your completed dolls to:

Natalie Lloyd
Spider PR
4 Leathermarket Street

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund has supported children whose parents work, or have worked, for the Naval Service for over a hundred years.

At the outset, the Children’s Fund primarily supported the children of ex-servicemen, although over the years, the evolution of society and war has turned the tide and, at present, around 80% of its beneficiaries’ parents are still serving.

This is, however, not the only aspect of The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund to change and develop since it was established. The areas the Children’s Fund provides support for have expanded and now include childcare, special needs education, days out and in-home support in times of crisis.

An area of particular growth has been the Charity’s focus on assisting children within its remit who have special needs. This work now accounts for nearly half of its awards to beneficiaries.

In the last year alone, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund has supported over 1,500 children, but with over 40,000 servicemen currently in the Naval Service, it is keen to ensure that naval families know where to find it.


The Trustees are made up of serving officers or other naval personnel together with civilian Trustees who bring experience in other fields to the many problems encountered. Consideration of every circumstance is therefore given swift and sympathetic attention by people who understand the difficulties of service and seafaring life.


Her Majesty The Queen


Vice Admiral Sir Adrian Johns KCB CBE

Vice Presidents

Major General EGM Davis CBE CGRM
Major General FHR Howes OBE
Major General G S Robison CB


Monique Bateman MBE


Laurene Smith

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