Knighthood for Beckham

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by whitemouse, May 31, 2007.

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  1. It is announced that there are moves in Whitehall to deny Beckham a Knighthood.

    My thoughts? Doesn't deserve it, shouldn't have it :thumbdown: - but no doubt Bliar et al will overrule and dictate as usual..

    Anybody else have thoughts... ?
  2. NO NO NO NO!! Beckham deserves nothing.
  3. Absolutely agree there. Who was the eejit who even thought about putting him on the list?
  4. Who gives a feck, honours like campaign medals are not worth a flying fid. Why recognize anyone just for doing their job and in some cases get very well rewarded for it.

  5. Bollocks. I would say the £100k or so per week (and the rest!) was recompense enough...

    Yeah lets give him a knighthood and deny a decent pension & access to the UK for a VC recipient... :shakefist:
  6. Knighthoods are like haemorrhoids; sooner or later every arsehole gets one.
  7. Well if he follows his usual form when he scores he will throw his guts up… that could be good for a laugh!
  8. Well said that man.
    Now if he was doing it for charity that would be different.
    He plays a little boys' game kicking a ball around for christs sake.
    What a joke.
  9. If he got one, that stick of a wife will be even more unbearable......
  10. I can think of a lot of people less deserving, don't forget that Jabba the Prescott will be Lord Jabba of (Pizza) Hutt soon enough.
    Beckham is actually quite a good role model if you look at it objectively. He's come from no-where to godzillionaire playing a game that anyone with skill regardless of edukashun can get to the top of. He isn't a dirty player either (Don't judge the whole of his career on one flash against a bunch of feckin dirty twats!) I haven't seen him having a go at a ref or spitting like some of them. He also actually does quite a lot for charidee but out of the public eye (for the most part, this is how I know ;) )
  11. Beckham's got enough fame/sponsorship/money etc to last fifty lifetimes.The Honours system sucks.

    "Arise Sir Tim Henman of Wimbledon.......?" :pukel:
  12. i think he should get one - for services to self control

    not is he married to the bint from spice girls but

    every time he shags sticky vicky he has to be careful not to break her in half
  13. A knighthood for playing football! Bollocks,fuck all chivalric about poncing about a field kicking a ball about and being paid an obscene amount to do so!!!
  14. A knighthood? For what?

    Getting married to Posh?
    Shagging his secretary?
    Having 3 kids?
    Setting up a footballing scheme? (well, someone else set it up and runs it)
    Making loadsa money?
    Captaining England to a World Cup exit?
  15. Actually he has opened David Beckham Football Academies all over Europe mate, to give kids the same chance that he had by going to one ;)
    He'll be doing the same in the US if he can.
  16. Whoever even suggested a knighthood for this bloke, needs a good shafting from behind, by a big three badge hairy arsed matelot, mind you he may get to like it!!
  17. Yeh dead right Nutty!!!

    Nobody gave old Tom a Knighthood for working down pit for fifty years.

    For services to sport/govt/ any other shite you can think of!!! Did they do it for feck all!!!!
  18. OK, I'll give him that one. Still doesn't make up for being married to Posh though ^~
  19. lol, you've got a point there :D
  20. I don't think he deserves a KH either. I mean he has represented the country at footie, been the captain, excellent ambassador, etc ... but honours should be reserved for those who do something out of the ordinary or give a significant period of their lives over to helping others all without the expectation of any form of reward or recompense. That Beckham has been paid so well for his efforts and has made an even bigger wedge on the back of it should be more than enough.

    On the other hand, he has done a hell of a lot more than many who have received KHs simply for loaning a few quid to their local political party. So on that basis maybe he deserves a couple.

    Whatever the outcome one thing is for certain. It won't be you or me who decides it.


    and all that and behaved himself,

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