Knife Crime

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dogsnaffle, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. With the hard-hitting proposal that knife carrying street scum should be made to "visit victims of knife crime in hospital" I got to thinking of the malaise that pervades society, perpetuated in part by lily-livered, hoody-hugging, don't do it again brigade.

    I have an alternate suggestion - police who find someone carrying a knife in public should confiscate it and immediately stick the offender in the buttock with the blade in question. Non-lethal, quick, relevant to the crime and would certainly discourage the carrying of anything bigger than an inch or two.

    You will find the rest of my manifesto equally well considered and I welcome your support at the next electoral opportunity.

    In the mean time - would anyone like to suggest areas of society that they would like me to address. I will attempt to answer all. Perhaps you are enraged by the growing of Leylandii by your neighbour(the offender will be given the opportunity to trim the trees before being measured against them and having any differential in height removed from his own legs) or perhaps you find the proliferation of junk mail anti-social (issueing fast food outlets will be required to obtain an annual licence for this activity, for which they will need to demonstrate that they can prepare and consume a dish of their own genre using exactly 12 months worth of flyers)? :number1:
  2. This should sort them out!

    Young people who carry knives will be made to visit hospitals where stabbing victims are treated, in a bid to shock them into changing their behaviour.

    Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said seeing "gruesome" injuries would be a tougher deterrent than sending all knife carriers in England and Wales to jail.

    BBC News.

    Yet another wet idea from our even wetter Home Secretary, does she really think this will deter youngsters from carrying knives? It is my opininion that anyone caught should be deprived of his or her freedom for a lengthy period of time. If there are not enough prison cells to detain them then build more. The time came some time ago when decent law abiding citizens became afraid to go about their business and feel safe and we need some hard line action now.
  3. Re: This should sort them out!

    I wonder if they get taken to Macdonalds for scran and a coke as well on this day out.
  4. Re: This should sort them out!

    I don't want this type of scum in my hospital any longer than they have to be for medical reasons. When they come in (and a lot of them seem to see me) my aim is to get them under the care and attention of the cops asap. I will not be giving guided tours. I have much better things to do with my time.

    (ED Doctor)
  5. How do we stop people leaving the armed forces?? or at least get them to stay for a full career??


  6. Re: This should sort them out!

    It is my opininion that anyone caught should be deprived of his or her freedom for a lengthy period of time. Caught doing what exactley Fin? English Law states The CJA 1988 mainly relates to carrying knives in public places, Section 139 being the most important.

    "It is an offence for any person, without lawful authority or good reason, to have with him in a public place, any article which has a blade or is sharply pointed except for a folding pocket-knife which has a cutting edge to its blade not exceeding 3 inches." [CJA 1988 section 139(1)]
    Although English law insists that it is the responsibility of the prosecution to provide evidence proving a crime has been committed an individual must provide evidence to prove that they had a bona fide reason for carrying a knife (if this is the case).
    So are you stating anyone carrying a Knife should be locked up for a lenghty time even if they have a bona fida reason for doing so?
  7. Re: This should sort them out!

    I'm sure you do have better things to do......and do we really think taking them to a hospital will work??

    Why not take them to the mortuary or even the cemetery? Surely that would be a better shock tactic?


  8. Re: This should sort them out!

    I suppose they could try banning Knives -----the banning Firearms hasn't been very successful anyway but it gets the headlines and makes the
    Liebour Gov appear to be doing something. Another impossible task.
    Or they could put a tax on the price of knives --Gordon would approve that one.

    As for showing the attacker his opponent in Hospital --we'll they would learn something I suppose --like how they went wrong and the guy is still

    We ain't got any spare cells for putting criminals in either too many
    convicted serving their time --in luxury . They all like going back inside cos its so cushy .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  9. Dogsnaffle. I absolutely love the knife idea. I'm not sure it would work for gun crime though. It is certainly better than taking juvenile delinquents to traumatise stab victims in hospital.
    You said you'd do requests. I would particularly like to hear your take on kids playing music from their mobile phones on trains.

  10. Re: This should sort them out!

    Until they believe that going out of the house carrying a knife is going to cause them all sorts of grief they will still do it. Shock horror punishments only work when the chances of getting caught and punished are high.

    This is just another zerocost scam from this government to make it look as if they both care and are doing something.
  11. Re: This should sort them out!

    Don't think these moves will make any difference whatsoever. I believe that the maximum punishment allowed for this offence is 8 years - let's see the judiciary start dishing out some of these terms out with no chance of parole and see if the crime figures stay the same. If it's crowded in jail, tough, let's get these vermin off the streets.
  12. What do we do with otherwise law abiding citizens who carry a knife because they don't otherwise feel safe? We all know that the police cannot prevent crime, they arrest the offenders (sometimes), gather evidence, take statements, etc etc

    and dispose of the victims body.
  13. Where can I view your manifesto?
  14. When I first took up the challenge of mastering the longbow I was pointed in the direction of the dealer.

    The questions I was asked just to purchase a bog standard bow was unbelievable.

    Back in the old town I can go to the local market and pick up a beautiful razor sharp futuristic knife no problem.
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  16. Ahh, yes - this antisocial behaviour is more than just the obvious noise pollution, it is in fact the early signs of youths shrugging off the responsibility of living within a community and indulging instead in hedonistic pleasures as if only they exist in the carriage.

    My solution is one of re-education. Culprits will be restrained in a seat facing a sign indicating that they are in a quiet carriage. The earpieces placed on their ears will then deliver brain-jellifying sounds which can only be stopped by sucessfully counting the number of other people in the carriage. This re-inforces the lesson that they are not the only person in the world and reminds them that polite messages to keep quiet for their own comfort should be heeded.

    I hope this helps, :number1:
  17. Sadly it can only be read in its original medium - sctratched on the wall of the last cell they laughingly called an "'otel room for 'is lordship, ha, ha, ha" but I have a plan to bring the entire wall back to the UK via Croatia when I will display it in my garage for the entire world.

    In the mean time, I'll try and remember some of it and write it down on papaer this time.
  18. Re: This should sort them out!

    As you well know I do not mean you with your pen knife, snotty hanky and ball of string. =)
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    And the moment they carry a weapon/bladed article without a lawful excuse, they cease to be "law-abiding"... they then become no better than the people they claim to be defending themselves against.
  20. I agree, I can see no justification for carrying a knife, gun or any other weapon. The confer no additional safety and can get you into trouble.

    The only real answer is the detection and conviction of as many of those who carry weapons as possible. Nastier punishments will make no difference as long as they think they will get away with it.

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