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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. Whilst ships company at Whale Island in 1970, some bright spark had the idea that we should launch a series of commando style raids on the WRENS block to steal under ware.
    It wasn't that we were short of it but the challenge was too great to resist.
    With insider help, a certain young lady from the pay office (where I worked) I was able to gain entrance into the block and get to the drying room.
    I must explain that the idea had been stolen from a film, but whereas the hero in celluloid left money for clothes, we decided that embassy coupons would suffice, so having pegged about 20 coupons in exchange for a set of suspenders, bra and knickers I made good my escape.
    The piece DE resistance of the exploit was to then enter the Whaley club around 8 ish wearing your spoils.
    I adorned the stolen articles, bra, knickers, suspenders and black stockings and then put my civvies on over, the plan being to disrobe in the dive bar (duty watch wear [email protected] bit) then enter the main club room with a fan fare from my mates.
    In my haste to get to the club I attempted to run across the main drag that separated mess blocks from club, and was hit by a very fastly driven lorry.
    I was considered to bad to be treated at Excellent so was taken by ambulance to Haslar despite my protests.
    When the nursing sister started to undress me,...............
    I was called Stephanie by all who knew me for months and also had a mixture of is he ain't he looks for months.
    It was being caught red handed up to my nuts in guts at the back of west battery three weeks later that managed to restore my credibility. I loved that security patrol and even took the pun with a smile.
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You are Arnold Lane and i claim my £10.

    Oddly enough Rummers, i would never have pinged you down as a Royal.
  3. Rummers is dead, long live Stephanie.

    So mote it be.
  4. Why not indeed.

    BTW, Wrecks, were you ever taught to be c*******, Bro. ?
  5. Non Comprendez
  6. I ask because 'SMIB' is a term often used among those Brethren who were 'taught to be cautious'.

    Never mind.
  7. Get your drift now. I'm reading a novel loosely based on the Knights Templar and they keep using that phrase and I liked it so bunged it in.
  8. Freemason Walt, I claim my £5 :wink:
  9. Shake my gland in that special way and we'll discuss terms :pottytrain2:
  10. Ah Rummers I was ships company at the Island in the early 70s but at Fraser Gun Range maybe we exchanged borrowed underwear ,always lots of rumpy pumpy on the cricket pitch outside the wardroom when the wrns from dauntless arrived every month, always enjoyed a shag by the old 4" drill shed on west battery. fcuking field gunners at the bop in nice white wooley v necked jumpers small knobs cos of the steroids the fcukers were on. Did you know Jock Stewart RIP gay as fcuk but hard as nails. Great dits shippers
  11. I did my HGV training up Fraser in 70 Stan when the dock strike was on. Our paths may well have crossed. I was the pay office flunky, wet the tea, fetched big eats at stand easy and swept the floor.
    I earned a couple of squid as I used to clean the supply officers car a fuckin great Yank pick up and the triumph herald of the PO wren.
    Brown nose bastard was I.
    Jock Stewart is a bod I knew, but he was living in H block if its the same one. There was Iranians in the block and he nailed a pork chop on their door. Was nigh a riot till they fetched the duty PO to remove it.
    And yup the field gunners at the Thursday night bash in the whally, all brawn no brains, and that was just the Jenny crew.

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