knee supports whislt doing basic training


av put this question on a few topics now,

i am currently going through the olympic selection process for taekwondo and been advised to wear knee suppports as a precaution for injury whilst running on hard surface's.

i currently have no injuries but i leave for hms raleigh on the 20th june and just wondered if i would be allowed to wear the supports whilst doing basic training,

any replies would be muchly appriciated
nikki_tkd said:
yeah was thinking weather or not just to take em down and ask

Having looked at your pictures online and seen the weight class you fight in, I don't think the road-running aspect of military training will strain you at all.

Plus, you appear to be able to smash anyone to pieces who tries to get you to do anything you don't want to do anyway, so how are they going to stop you putting knee braces on? :D

Good luck with the selection.

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