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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by bostoncrab, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Hello,
    Was supposed to be going down to Raliegh on the 22nd of Feb, but a month ago I injured my knee at football. Thought It was nothing major at first, but after going to a decent physio, they think I'm probably goin to need surgery. Anybody else had a problem similiar to this and what's the view the navy takes of this, with regards to the application process.

  2. See your GP and get it sorted. If you join with an injury of such a nature that you cannot actively participate/complete phase 1 training you will be medically discharged.
  3. You'll need to be seen by a doctor first - not that physios don't know what they're on about, they're very good with knees (generally). Your GP may refer you for an orthopaedic opinion - the surgeon is the one who decides whether or not you need surgery! Meantime, if your knee is not 100% then Phase 1 training isn't a great idea...
  4. Thanks guys that's exactly what I have done. I Was going to have to wait two to three months to see a specialist through the NHS so have decided to go private instead although it's costing £200 just for that appointment. Going back to the NHS if surgery is required, although that could take some time. thanks again
  5. Turns out I do need keyhole surgery to fix a miniscul tear. When I phoned the careers office back up they told me they would not be able to look at me again for another twelve months due to the navy's policy on knee surgery, this seems crazy as its only minor surgery with a rehab time of about one month. they also said I was welcome to go in and speak to them about it but I was givin the distinct impression that any attempt would be futile.
  6. I think most orthopaedic surgeons would balk at you calling a laparoscopic menisectomy a minor operation!

    The reason we wait a year is to let things settle down, and let you have a good stab at rehabbing the knee. Whilst the rehab process can be fast, everyone is different and it largely depends on how long your knee was crap before it was fixed. Our rules have to apply to everyone. So yes, it's frustrating for you, but use the year to really build up your phys and do some CV buffing. Never a bad idea!
  7. I fully understand the reason behind the delay for this case, HOWEVER.

    Why is it the three times I have knee arthroscopy, I only got ten working days sick leave and then back to the ship/unit to continue normal service.

    No suprise my knee is now knackered.
    I am only one of many !!
  8. I agree with angry Doc

    get a friend with good knees to do your Medical for you but make sure he is not fat , and do not admit to iliving in Guzz
  9. Is there any chance of making it less than a year, Spoke to my doctor and he understood it was important to rehabillitate the knee but thought a year was far too long.
  10. PM'd but, for others' information, the chances of getting the 12 months reduced are nil.

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