Knee problems with no help

Hello all. I'm a 21 year old university student in my final year. My plan for the last five or six years since school has been to join the Royal Marines. From what I've read on this site, a lot of which is very useful and some of it quite amusing, I feel pretty confident about the application process.

The problem is my knee. I injured my knee playing rugby a while back and have had a lot of trouble since, with pain when it occasionally pops. This is obviously a serious bar to serving with the Royal Marines, so I want to get it sorted as soon as possible. I have had numerous X-rays, been part of NHS physiotherapy classes, had individual NHS therapy on it, been seen by consultants and extended scope physiotherapists. I have even had an MRI scan which turned up fine. What I'd like to know is whether anyone has any constructive advice as to the best way to go about resolving this, or if anyone has any reccommendations.

All I can offer by way of additional information is that:
I can squat fine,
I can run on a treadmill, yet on walking afterwards I have a sluggishness about my knee and constant popping, only very occassionally with pain.
Tight quads and hamstrings have been suggested.

Any advice or information would be really appreciated, as I am very frustrated with this situation.



Hopefully not the same, but I injured my left knee playing school rugby in the late 70s, niggled a fair bit until I again injured it in the early 90's (fencing this time), it really started to bother me after this, saw the MO a few times, with no joy. Left the RN in 95, knee still giving problems, eventually saw a consultant in 99 who diagnosed arthritis, and scheduled an op to clean the knee cap (bear in mind I had a number of x-rays taken - post RN non whilst in the RN), when he went into the joint he found I had a detached fracture.

Sometimes the only way they can find out what is wrong with you is to open you up.
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