Knee problems, advice

Every time I run I get a dull pain on the inside of my knee, which cause's me to limp when running, but if I run faster the pain passes, very strange I know, but this is causing me great concern, could any of you medic bods, give me any tips, it is ok when I walk, should I purchase a knee support and if so which type ?

Thanks in advance.

Possible what we call a runners knee.

Rest and take up swimming etc to keep fitness levels intact. All depends on the age of the person. Think my knee problems could be a an age thing and the high mileage I churn out weekly wear and tear etc.

All sports bring forth there own injuries listen to your body and rest.
I am 40 yrs old this year, I can't stop the running due to fitness requirements, but thought about reducing my body mass/weight, thought this might assist with the discomfort in running.


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Take great care mate, get proper medical advice as soon as poss, I had a knee injury in 1983 when i was 23, I have had 4 ops on the knee with the removal of my kneecap. I started running & went back to work before I was supposed too & had an accident at work the leg without the kneecap gave way as a result am now disabled.

Give the knee plenty of rest if it swells up just an ice pack & see GP.
Cheers matey for the advice, but the only thing is I cant see a GP, until I have finished the fitness requirements by approx July,as this could lead to me being held back, I am trying to find sensible ways of working around the problem, weight, running style etc.
I went back to playing rugby FAR too early after an op. The end result was an ACL recon and no more high level rugby. That basically meant no more rugby for me, cos as you know, the more amateur the game, the more likely injuries are.
Its not for Rugby, I havent had any surgery, its just trying to understand why this is happening and adjust my training accordingly for next 3-4 months, then its finished for me.
Thanks Guys.
RB, my point was to take it easy if you can and get it looked at mate :)
If it only happens at certain times or when running in a certain way, you will unconsciously avoid that, possibly doing yourself MORE damage in that way.
No mate, not for years now. Too painful!! I'm sorry to say that I didn't listen to my own advice OR learn from my own mistakes and tried "one last game" after the ACL recon. OUCH effing OUCH!!!
Can't even run these days.
Gave up running long ago half marathon every weekend or a ten mile road race. Terrible back pains so took up walking. Seventeen miler on the Wicklow Way this week still get pains in the knees fifty eight this year so am happy I can still walk the hills. Running is now a thing of the past.

Listen to your body!!!
Couldn't you see a private doctor so no notes go back to your GP? It'll cost but not that much. Or, a private physioterrorist; just suggestions as I don't know your exact circumstance.
I did a lot of cross country running when I was younger and things started to come back and haunt me around the age of 40; you have to start taking it much more easy.
Shifting the way you walk/run as suggested may put extra strain elsewhere.
You seem to suggest that keeping the weight off a bit may help and I have certainly found it helps enormously. A struggle sometimes resisting temptation but good in the long run (sorry!)
Hope all works out for you.


Bob, get it looked at, Chiro, Physio or some such, it's not worth leaving it. I've just missed the whole of the '06-'07 season due to OA and knee problems. No rugby for the first time in 35 years, so I guess I've been lucky, but I did leave it far too long before being "persuaded" by my wife to get it sorted. Going in for an op next week after 13 months . Hopefully I'll be able to get in a few games for the Vets next season.
Thanks for all your replys guys, I went running yesterday, no pain but a swollen knee after run, the swelling passes after approx 4 hours, cant see a GP, as stated, I just need to finish this traing, by approx july ish, then I will never have to run again, I weigh approx 15st 2, but not fat just very well built, could it be my running style thats at fault ?

Bergs that young lady in the piccy would solve a lot of my problems!!, just what the doctor ordered, when can i meet her ??????, drool, drool !!!

Lamri, shame you gave up, I go back next season after almost a full season out of rugby due to a very bad shoulder injury, but I will only be playing vets, I had enough of playing at high level, it really kills me now, to old playing against 20 + yr olds.

Thanks again guys for the tips.

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