Knee Problem...a problem?

Hi All,

Hope this finds you all well. I have finally applied and been accepted into the RN, as a MA, due to start in Jan 2010.

However i have started to get a little aching in my knee, it aches when doing nothing and siezes it up when bent. It doesnt however give me any grief what so ever during physical activity, including ob's courses and 10 mile runs! So i was wondering, the physio has said there is nothing majorily wrong, just need to strengthen the knee, would this cause an issue at the 2nd medical down at raleigh upon joining?
Their is no loss of movement and no real pain and doesnt effect during PT!

any advice?

cheers in advance
I would suggest that if you are still training and that the Physio isn't to worried there is nothing to really worry about. If you start receiving treatment for it then ring your careers advisor and let them know. When were you medicalled for entry??



[quote="Scarface2009]dont worry mate!!! you have plenty of ime before you join, it will proboblies go away in a couple of weeks[/quote]

You should be a GP!
I'm not sure what to think of that so I'll say thanks and smile: Thanks! :)

Now please exsqueeze me. I have a walk to do if I ever want a chance at getting shouted at by some of the regular RRers.
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