Knee No 2


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Thanks Lady & Gents. So far, so good-ish. I'm now the proud owner of about a dozen mini fractures in the tib, fib and femur and have lost about 80% of my cartilage. Osteophytes (boney spikes) have all been sanded down and thankfully, the ligaments have healed without needing to be touched again! I still don't understand the attraction of smack, having had morphine after the op. I now have a nose that Rudolph would be proud of due to all the itching from the morphine. Evil, evil stuff!!

BOOTWU - No tattoos were removed at all, all are still intact ;)
M_M - It's a bad thing when you know what's entailed. I spent the time waiting to go down to theatre going through the contents of orthopaedic sets in my head.
BNM - I was lucky enough (well, that's debateable at the moment) to have the operation changed at last minute to something that the Registrar had seen done in the States that worked in about 75% of cases so I have everything crossed - apart from my leg obviously. That meant a change to day surgery and thankfully no need for hospital food or the horrid beds! No old dots snoring, farting or talking in their sleep and no smell of piss and disinfectant. It did still mean an attack by the Physioterrorists 4hrs post op though.
Janner - the boobs are still the same size thankfully.

I'm bored shitless now though. At least before the op I could limp down to the beach, now I can't. I'm also staying with my Mum as I live on the top floor of a 3 storey house and there's no way on earth I can get up 28 stairs at the moment. That in itself is a challenge!! It's like being a teenager again. Have to go to bed at a certain time, eat what I'm given, no choice in what I watch on tv, limited to how much time I can spend on the internet as she starts tutting if I'm on it "too long", every time I get up she says "where are you going? What are you doing?" I feel bad if I want to have a nap after taking the pain killers or if I lie in past 0800. It's driving me insane!!! Actually, that's a bit like being married too, but I digress.

I've now put myself in training to master the stairs so that I can go home asap. No idea how I'll be able to make myself something to eat or drink and manage to carry it from the kitchen to the living room but where there's a will.......


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Glad to hear it went ok, JG, and that you're out of hospital. You have my sympathies regarding the parent/home situation!

Get well soon!