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Hello, I have passed all my stages for getting into the Navy i had my 2nd catch up interview last week. This sunday i went over he handle bars of my bike and fractured my knee they also had to put a pin in it to attach a displaced bone I am really worried this will affect my application. Does anybody know if it will? The doctors said the pin will have no effect once the bone has healed. I still must ring my CA but just want to get as much information as I can before i call him, so I know where I am.
Any information would be helpful, Thank you.
If you have a break then you can normally expect a 12 months hold over. The metal pin could bar entry completely depending on what your AFCO Medical examiner says. You really need to let your AFCO know ASAP, so that they can get you in for a check-up. If you try not to tell them and it comes to light later you might even find you get binned for not telling the truth.


Back in July 2009 I did a long distance sports event for Charity and injured both knee’s. I had Tendentious 6 months of Physio on and off and I was fit and ready, back in the gym running and weights.
I had my first Medical in Jan 2010 failed as it had to be 1year without pain but I passed my next medical in July2010 along with the PJFT. Finally in August I passed my interview.
Since then I haven’t been in the gym much or regularly for one reason or another and lost strength in my knees. 3 weeks ago I did something to my knees while swimming and have been having pain ever since.
I am having Private Physio and continuing with work, getting on with life.
Do I need to tell anyone/am I going to get made to wait another year?
Even if I can build my strength up again with physio and gym work, with the waiting lists so long anyway?

MA last i saw was 30months????



It sounds more like you've fractured your tibia than your knee. Quite a nasty injury. Your eligibility for entry really depends on how severe the fracture was, and how much of the joint surface was affected. It may preclude entry, it may not. In either case, you will have to wait for a year after confirmed fracture healing and will probably be referred for a Service orthopaedic opinion. It is vital you contact your AFCO asap.


It depends what you did to your knee in the first place. Sounds like you did mainly ligamentous damage if it resolved with physio alone. You are obviously more liable to knee problems than most, and this is a concern. You may have underlying instability which will become very obvious during basic training. I am amazed you were not referred for specialist assessment - I think you need this. The last thing you need is to get as far as RALEIGH and be booted for a chronic knee problem. Contact your AFCO pronto.

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Thanks for the Advice,

It was just inflamed tenants around the knee caps, No tears or rips. Just a bit 2much stress on them from doing a 75mile Bike ride to east bourne for the British Red Cross.

I did see a specialist knee consultant and a MRI scan at the end of last year, I was completely honest with him about the Navy and my plans, after the physio he was happy to sign me off. Then after at the beginning of this year I was in the gym 2to3times a week for an hour and a half to 2hours doing lots of weights and then a 2mile run at the end of each work out. So I had built up a lot of strength in my legs and knees, keeping up the stretches that the physio told me to do..

But for the last 3months I haven't been in the gym once, due to a number of reasons. So I'm putting it down to losing my fitness and strength so I'm putting it down to that why my knees have started hurting again.

I've had 2weeks of physio and feeling a lot better been told to go back to the gym now and start strengthening my Quads again. Actually looking forward to be able to go for a run again.! If there's no improvement or it worsens in the New year I will contact my AFCO

I'm not worried about RALEIGH, more when I get older and my knees or something does go.. But for now I'm going to keep them strong.

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